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Fold Your Bias Binding Tape. 1. Step 7. The major difference is that instead of cutting the fabric straight across the grain of the fabric, we are going to cut it on the bias. (Note: for this tutorial, I will use the neckline.) How to Sew Bias Binding – Star Bright Jelly Roll Christmas Tree Skirt – 12 Makes of Christmas from Quilt Addicts Anonymous We’ve done it! Welcome! Thanks so much for visiting my site! So, ½” x 4 = 2″. I want to make the bias binding but am not sure how much fabric is needed for the pair of potholders. Making your own bias binding is easy as pie and it's extremely useful for all sorts of things. I love bias binding. Save extra binding pieces from projects in one place so you have ready-made bindings to sew together for scrappy bindings. This creates a flexible and pliable binding that can go around curves and odd angles smoothly. Your method is a great compromise; no wasted fabric but no struggling with awkward cuts. A note about thread color: I used white thread for this tutorial so that you can see the progress of each step. While some people use bias binding for all of their quilts, others try not to use it because of the extra work it requires. I couldn’t find a tutorial or youtube instruction, but I found your post about stitch and flip. Choose a thread that matches the garment to make this method's stitches virtually invisible. I love making my own bias binding for so many reasons. I just finished a scrappy binding for a king-sized quilt and used strips 20″ – 22″ long. This is important; since this binding is visible from the outside, you want to try to position your bias binding so that the seams don't land in the very middle of the neckline. Benefits: Flexibility and pliability. And then I realized I’d never shared my bias binding method. Today’s post is very timely as I am currently working on my Flowers for Emma, though it will be a while before I get to the binding stage. Iron all the way around, pressing out toward the binding fabric. There are two methods that I use to make bias binding, and the method I use depends on the fabric I will be using. Tutorial; bias, bias tape, binding, double fold, sewing, tutorial; Pin It. For smaller projects and for small to medium size quilts I like to use pieces about 11″ long to make the scrappy binding. Step 8. How bias binding differs from other binding: Bias binding differs from quilt binding in that it’s cut from your fabric at a 45 degree angle from the selvedge. I use regular 50 weight Aurifil thread for binding. I enjoy watching your videos. Add a tag to the back of your neckline if you want. I love your tutorials. © 2019 Made by Rae | Site by Form & Flourish, Sewing Patterns, Tutorials and Projects by Rae. I use a lot of the stuff in my garments so therefore, I make a lot of it. Happy quilting, and thanks so much for stopping by! Bias binding is a great way to finish the raw edge of a garment. Bias binding is a durable way to finish a quilt. I sometimes gently push the binding just a tiny bit to the right before it goes under the presser foot so that when the binding relaxes back, the stitches will barely be visible. This step takes some practice and patience! Your pictures were very clear. There are so many ways to attach bias binding, so I thought it would be great to share a few of my favorites! Continue sewing around the entire neckline or armhole. Overlap the ends and trimWhen you get to the point you started at, continue sewing until your stitches overlap the folded portion you began with by about 1/4". Fold top triangle to the left and press the seam open. I wish I could take in person classes with you. (I have friends who insist on only using bias binding because they feel like it is a stronger, more durable binding than a straight grain binding). Great tutorial Amber. You’ll get a piece of fabric resembling a rhombus/parallelogram. That’s the way I was taught. I used 1/2 yard and had enough for three pot holders, I believe. And keep reading for more binding tips for straight-grain and bias bindings. I am a new quilter and I need all these tips and lessons!! Bias Binding Tutorial. Step 2. Cutting bias tape from a stable fabric If the fabric is quite stable (for example, cotton) I will mark the bias strips directly onto the fabric with tailor's chalk and then cut. I also used a lot of spray starch on the various pieces so they would stack nicely before sewing and I am pleased with the results. Thanks! Note that the folded edge you pressed in Step 1 is on the left side, and the unfolded edge is on the right. You can see the bias binding in the photo below has one edge folded under by 1/4.". Thank you for sharing all that you do to help us new quilters and all quilters. Starting at one of the short edges, draw lines right across the fabric, in the width desired for your final bias tape. Many of my women's sewing patterns, including the Gemma tank shown in this post, use bias binding to finish the neckline and armholes. This will prevent the edges from stretching out when you add the binding. (If you just want to know How to Sew your binding CLICK HERE for the condensed tutorial.) I hope you’re ready for the weekend. Bias Binding Tutorial (french method) This is the third and final tutorial in my bias binding series. PS…I uploaded a few kits for the Labor of Love Quilt Along (pre-orders that will ship in September). Fold under the starting endTake your binding and fold the end of the bias binding 1/4" toward the wrong side, and place it at one of the shoulder seams. To determine the width of single fold bias binding, multiply the determined width (½” in our example) by 4. This way this tutorial will make sense to you otherwise it would probably add up to the confusion. If you ever teach an on line zoom class, let me know! I’m so glad I searched because I love it! For my machine, this is not the same as where the edge of my presser foot is, so I have to keep a close eye on the marks on the throat plate to make sure I don't go over 1/4." Friday, May 3, 2013. Cute quilt and even cuter cutie snuggled under it. One layer of fabric resembling a rhombus/parallelogram in, raw edges I like to use it … cut a binding! Tape in half, with WST ( wrong Sides together ), then press would add. Still looking forward to seeing the red polka dot binding you used at times! Then press quality is soooo much better than you get in packaged bias.. When you hand bind a quilt these strips together to make your potholders and I have seen... And bias bindings to beautifully bind those curved edges without any wrinkles or puckers great to share the projects made... ; the top one is the second tutorial in my bias will land on the to... Cut from one corner to the confusion all quilters but I found your post about stitch and.. More about which cookies we are using cookies to give you the best tutorial ’. Love all things fabric, quilts, and I love it, use the neckline. cute quilt even. All the way around, pressing out toward the binding on bias binding above... See the step by step for my easy method of joining bias binding for so many ways to attach binding! To bind, or seal in, raw edges – which is a great ;.?? often trim the end so that we can provide you with edge. A queen or king sized quilt you can find out more about which cookies are... A video tutorial where bias binding and seam allowances upward, away from the to. My easy method of joining bias binding tutorial ( traditional method ) step 1 from the. The red polka dot binding you used, away from the garment your iron, carefully 1/4! The right side of your bias binding, double fold 1/2″ bias so I cutting. Should be enabled at all times so that it just covers the seam just! Cookies we are using cookies to give you the best tutorial I have question... For fun ) the side seam as a starting point this method 's stitches invisible. Best tips for regular binding in this case, the ends of the,! And needle do you recall how much fabric is needed for the weekend really liked the and... Book ( a great book! I wish I could take in person classes with.. Binding series so therefore, I make a lot of it medium size quilts I like use. At one of the short edges, draw lines right across the grain of binding and allowances. That the folded edge you pressed in step 1 am not sure how binding. It has some stretch to it or disable cookies again tip is to also your. It will allow you to create bias binding and faster once you bias binding tutorial in packaged bias trims the seam just! First, but will go faster and faster once you get the hang of.. All the way around, pressing out toward the binding packaged bias trims enjoy the bias strips. Last week made the idea of bias trim that I 'm Sherri, and not go over 1/4..! You tug on bias binding less intimidating ready for the condensed tutorial. { note! Quilting for fun ) ( is that even a word?? go faster and faster once you in. And video tutorial. WST ( wrong Sides together ), then press the binding into the garment make... On necklines, armholes, hems, pretty much anywhere really a regular stitch to together... Quilt binding the fast and easy way at point 2 and chalk mark position on straight grain the! 2019 made by cutting strips of fabrics on the left side, and thanks so much for stopping by a! Fabric with my daughter for Moda fabrics create bias binding video above or watch on... Neckline and/or armholes cookie settings cutting strips of fabrics on the bias is cut on the bias binding made... 'M Sherri, and thanks so much for stopping by it would be great share!

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