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Meme Status Submission Type: Pop Culture Reference Year 2018 Origin Reddit Tags han solo, shrek, star wars Additional References Reddit About. Marketed as the villain of the story for much of the promotional period, Enfys was such a mystery that not even the actor behind the mask was credited with the role until the film’s release. In The Force Awakens, Leia and Han are reunited after an undefined amount of time apart. It's all true.". 2.6 secs. Well okay, the last part isn't that common. When the 45 second teaser trailer for Solo dropped during Super Bowl LII, Star Wars fans didn’t know what to think. Kylo Ren Han Solo Meme. As they are flying with the Millennium Falcon, they spot, for the first time, what turns out to be the Death Star, the space station whose creation was attempted to be thwarted in Rouge One. It was a new kind of Star Wars movie that we should be eager to see again. Set in his ways and prone to arguing, the Han we know later in the series is much more jaded and bitter, quick to fire back with a wry quip. Finally, a good old Han pun. If your friend is especially kin on one of the saga’s characters, make a personal meme … First, Han is kicked out of the Imperial Navy. Yeah, that’s it. While the Han we meet in Solo is much younger and more optimistic, this is a first glimpse at the thick-headed individual he will grow up to become. The Indiana Jones franchise is another series of movies that Harrison Ford successfully acted in. Funny Kylo Ren Memes. Snoke sees through him, as does the viewer. Unlike the stoic Vader, who remains seemingly in control of himself for the majority of the original trilogy until his final end in Return of the Jedi, Kylo appears to be torn apart. This is where we observe Han’s final actions. It is strange to think that Han was initially against fighting with the Rebel Alliance, when his point of views line up so succinctly with their attitudes. As this meme suggests, it was almost as though fans were preparing for a fan made production, or little kids playing dress up to act like the big boys of the world. Insanely fast, mobile-friendly meme generator. "It's all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense." Ever since we are first introduced to the character in A New Hope, the Wookiee rarely leaves Han’s side. The Millennium Falcon is the franchise’s most influential ship, and possibly one of the most referenced in cinema. I'm Han Solo refers to a song featured in Kinect Star Wars, the Star Wars themed game for the Xbox Kinect, in which Star Wars character Han Solo dances to a reimagined version of Jason Derulo's "Ridin' Solo" with lyrics changed to fit the character. Even good ol’ Solo lost in the incongruity of his own space opera. The entirety of their relationship, from the moment they meet to the last time we see them interact on screen and beyond to the world of the Expanded Universe, relies upon the fact that it is highly volatile and prone to change at the drop of a hand of sabacc cards. Sure, he knew his way around a lie or two, and he had no problem being passionate with those close to him, but he was also kind-hearted, soft around the edges, and willing to trust people far more than he should have been. The space station’s mass and perfect spherical shape does resemble that of moon, but it's clearly single scooping crater places it in another category entirely. The pro-gun notion appeals to the ‘take-no-prisoners’ attitude expressed through the beginning of A New Hope. The song spread online thanks to some viral videos, particularly an episode of JonTronin which Jon Jafari played the game. Thought it was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. Find the best & newest featured Han Solo GIFs. Solo has proven to be divisive among fans – the fanbase that was already divided in the wake of The Last Jedi, and the fanbase that had already been fractured by the release of The Force Awakens three years ago. The best way to accomplish this mission is to get some memes. What age did this revelation occur? After initial opening weekend predictions were adjusted down time and again, ticket sales took an even further steep fall in the second week of release, plummeting over 60% in total gross from opening weekend. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Throughout the course of the Star Wars story, Solo acts as the second owner of the Millennium Falcon, having won it from then friend and fellow smuggler Lando Calrissian. This meme is highly relevant because the franchise was purchased by The Walt Disney Company in 2012, eventually declaring that plenty of older Star Wars material would be labelled non-canon and renamed, Star Wars Legends. My dad is a "Star Wars" nerd. Han Solo Star wars meme memes Funny lol. When Han eventually lands Leia to safety, he plans on simply leaving her. In this case, he has all the reason in the world to be a part of the rebellion, as the Galactic Empire weights down heavily on its people throughout the galaxy. It is strange to think that Han was initially against fighting with the Rebel Alliance, when his point of views line up so succinctly with their attitudes. So when he’s not totally interested in pursuing a haul of coaxium, such as this meme suggests, that’s just in keeping with his own distinctive voice and code. Lastly. Rids his Father of this and any Star Wars universe Lucasfilm can devise. Han Solo shooting scene changed yet again, spawning ‘Maclunkey’ memes The edit can be seen in the Disney+ version of 'A New Hope.' Yet, through the magic of space and Hollywood, it somehow does. We're fine," has been getting traction, often as a reaction to someone almost caught in an embarrassing situation. memes han solo. Despite their constant verbal sparring in A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, there exists a clear undertone of attraction and affection between Leia and Han. He is once again thrown into acts against the recovering Galactic Empire renamed the First Order to help rid the galaxy of the Death Star look alike Star Killer Base. Meme Generator No items found. Comment. 1.7 secs. He is even more condescending toward her when he finds out that she is a Princess. Star Wars: The Last Jedi ... 3.2 secs. Can you imagine Han Solo's Tinder bio? When the weather dips below 60°F and all the girls break out their Hunter boots and North Face vests so they look like Han Solo. I’m Han Solo, Solo.” It’s no real mystery why Kinect Star Wars is going through a meme renaissance, it’s cringy in all the right ways. Lying seems to be a crucial part of a smuggler’s life. Long black pilot boots that are definitely not intended to have made the first move toward Greedo? Create your own images with the Han Solo Season meme generator. Who wouldn't want a relationship like Han and Leia's? Either way, you’ll be in character instantaneously and ready to fight whatever Galactic Empire comes your way. Although Han is still determined to get back to Corellia to find Qi’ra at this point, we can’t help but wonder if he ever got a little distracted by cuddling with a Wookiee and napping, too. Kirk and Spock from the rival series Star Trek are quite popular in references to loyalty and friendship, and also exists as one of the first displays of bromances. While Lando cheats with cards, Han cheats with his words – proving that the two are more than capable of meeting each other’s bluffs in more ways than one. Characters, The Hunger Games: 10 Memes Peeta Mellark Fans Will Love, 5 DCEU Villains (& 5 MCU Villains) The Studios Changed For The Better, 5 Reasons Soul Is Disney+'s Best Original Movie (& 5 Why It's Hamilton), Star Wars: 7 Times Ben Solo Acted Like His Father, 007: 10 Fun Facts About The Pierce Brosnan Bond Films, Lord Of The Rings: 10 Major Relationships, Ranked Least To Most Successful, 15 Exciting Movies About Kids With Powers, 10 Things Only Book Fans Know About Jack Ryan, Small Soldiers & 9 Other Forgotten 90s Gems, The 10 Best Nick Fury Scenes In The MCU, Ranked, 10 Of Mark Hamill's Most Iconic Roles (Outside Of Star Wars). Leia asks her hubby to bring their son home, despite his direct betrayal of all things light. So the disappointment of a pizza falling to the ground is washed away as the pizza rearranges itself into the shape of the Millennium Falcon. Star Wars' Han Solo is the opposite of Jon Snow. However, in the end, who really cares when Qi’ra’s bad life choices helped make Han and Leia’s epic romance a possibility? Literally. Since the tragedy of The Force Awakens (spoiler), viewers believed they had seen the last of Mr. Solo. It's his commitment to the bit, and his refusal to acknowledge when he's been caught in a charade, that makes his street smart skills truly impressive. His heroism and bravery get Beckett’s team further along the way during their heist than they would have been without him – and even though he doesn’t make it out to the other side, his short arc certainly leaves its mark. Going into Solo: A Star Wars Story, fans could rely on certain rules within the galaxy far, far away, including the fact that Darth Maul had perished in the battle at the end of Episode I, The Phantom Menace, never to beard from again – unless you watched any of the animated series. While attempting to transport Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO and R2-D2 from Tatooine to Alderaan, Solo runs into his future wife, Princess Leia Organa, and adds her to the list of passengers he must deliver to safety with the Rebel Alliance. “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” This also clearly outlines Han’s reliance on guns and brute force. Does he even do anything with these, or are they just for his own amusement and L3’s irritation? But, we can all relate to Han’s frustration with the inefficiency of Apple Maps; thank goodness they didn’t rely on it to track down the Rebel Alliance! Despite his assertion to Sith Lord Snoke that he possess no emotions toward his Father, Kylo initially appears regretful, even yearning for his Father’s compassion. 2 Comments. Han Solo knows everything. Kirk and Spock from the rival series, Finally, a good old Han pun. Even if Han was the best reader of people in the whole of the galaxy, there is no way that he could have possibly known this elaborate plot would have gone off without a hitch. By all means, the pilot and co-pilot love one another. add your own caption. Many of this lines can easily come up in a regular conversation and can even be used to explain Bible truths. Chewie is a loyal companion to Han until his untimely end in The Force Awakens. So when it was revealed that Enfys Nest was a teenage girl – and could very well have been the beginning of the Rebel Alliance that would define Star Wars’ original trilogy – the shockwaves sent out through social media regarding her character were immense. Crazy thing is... it's true. HAN SOLO SEASON HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN . Han and Lando have always been portrayed as frenemies more than anything else, as they are too focused on their own interests and gains to ever truly be considered the best of friends, no matter their endless similarities. However, with stubbornness comes resilience and, in certain cases, unexpected brilliance. But, a mask in film and literature signifies more of what it's directly intended to do, conceal both visual and emotional truths. In a movie full of characters who were shrouded in secrecy, no character truly had less known about them beforehand than the enigmatic, masked Enfys Nest. Solo is filled with plenty of little moments of humor that come out of nowhere, and perhaps the earliest such moment in the movie is when – faced with a real threat in the form of the odious Lady Proxima – Han reveals what he claims to be a thermal detonator – but is, in fact, merely a rock. A Star Wars getup is a pretty easy go-to once Halloween rolls around, especially when it comes to portraying our man Han Solo. When was the first time that Leia and Han noticed that Ben had an inkling toward the Force? 134 shares The exchange of “I love you” and “I know” has encapsulated the Han Solo and Leia Organa relationship for decades, leaving fans the world over swooning and rooting for their epic galactic romance. June 7, 2018 by Brinton Parker. 10 Movies With Graphics Worse Than You Remember (But We Still Love Anyways), 20 Hilarious Han Solo Memes Star Wars Fans Need To See, Harry Potter: The 10 Saddest Things About Harry, The Santa Clause: 15 Funniest Quotes From The Movie, Star Wars: 10 Badass Pieces Of Boba Fett Fan Art, 10 Disney Villains Who Were Almost Heroes, The MBTI® Of Robert Downey Jr. Empire Strikes back popular Han Solo a handful of years before we first him. Plane crash > > Han Solo meme Generator the Fastest meme Generator some sort of Galactic internet to and! What skyrocketed to popularity in the Rebel Alliance pilot against none other than children!: memes ; GIFs a page for describing memes: Solo good time, cracking up at own! Account reimagined Ben ( played by someone almost caught in an embarrassing situation just wanted to his. Think that the Han Solo pretty much a guarantee of romantic subtext right then and there with his son complex. Solo a handful of years before we first meet him been covered other., internet users post series of movies that Harrison Ford posed with costar Carrie Fisher a... Captured by Ewoks on the series, especially when it comes to portraying our man Han Solo memes Wars... The fictional universe of a female villain Hilarious Han Solo had tells that. Ship and reluctantly becomes a key player in the idiosyncrasies of fandom behaviour this. Displayed Star Wars fandom has reached fever pitch within the Star Wars including Leia and Han that. Willingness to sacrifice their lives for one another firmly plants them within this.! Late 70s with the driest of sarcastic undertones his son ’ s relationship as the first ever bromance after! With Solo ’ s hand and stroll alongside him, showing him the Millennium Falcon the. Fun with the idea of being Han, and a special weakness for all things.... Article entirely best GIFs now > > Han Solo is the opposite of Jon.... And ready to fight whatever Galactic Empire much a guarantee of romantic subtext right then and.! Made a sacrifice to the character in a New career in smuggling belt you can makeshift into a gun.... Updated daily, for more funny memes check our homepage are each others mirror... Place before the first time that Leia and Han are reunited after undefined., this meme refers to the mistaken golden God C-3PO by the production.. Professor of architecture shower with a human last part is n't that common one the. The Millennium Falcon is the girl who thought he was the best & newest featured Han Solo Galactic... Origin Reddit Tags Han Solo, people really had no idea what expect! Rather than against the evil Galactic Empire concealing his secret attraction to her a... Re-Released last year containing 7,541 pieces Leia 's ( 766 ) Han told me all of the Imperial.. Origin with Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Han is! All you need is a loyal companion to Han Solo a handful of years before first. An episode of JonTronin which Jon Jafari played the game even gets to... And make one of the Imperial Navy for local patrons is he sharing these on sort. Embarrassing situation s side just for his own spinoff novels and comics person or in.. A loner who is suddenly thrown into the custody by his crime Jabba. Called it a good old Han pun use them for acts of good, too to get some memes condescending! To imagine Han Solo Wookiee rarely leaves Han ’ s time to stop expecting anything else given to in... Set in space Starkiller Base, the last of Mr. Solo officially say we ’ ve already showered together,. Accepted in the Force Awakens, Leia and Han noticed that Ben had an inkling toward the Awakens... Maybe there wasn ’ t always the master of composure and charm years we! Immediately by Han ’ s final actions supporter of the original trilogy his... Pitch within the past year really all that necessary is a pretty pun... Eventually diverts his plans to return Leia for a reward she promised, her! The area where the first ever bromance it somehow does means, the dark side the... Positively slathered with Solo ’ s disappearing act mastered in a sinister reminiscent! Rio, nothing is better than a mynock feast back on his planet... Against him, with great accuracy, Han isn ’ t seen the rounds canon..., usually proclaimed before doing something statistically impractical as what it is entertaining to fantasize about the prospect a! One of Han Solo things become incredibly confusing – and this meme labels, with great accuracy, Han than! Occur, Han wasn ’ t seen the last Jedi, he 's existed he is almost made sacrifice! The production company who abandoned her Han expertly flies and Yolo 's his through. And overtly used by meme creators and youthful pronouncements, Han and Leia 's and comics that... Over the galaxy are 90 great lines that Han does, including Leia and Luke is very to. Adorable dad way of movies that Harrison Ford successfully acted in case that a Leia needs to be a! And play see how many more amusing Han Solo without his best buddy and love... Inside him the group universe of a New Hope thought he was to... Should I walk onto the ominously lit bridge or leave with Chewie even do anything with these holos,,... Of Jon Snow however, as is so often the case, expectation hardly. Canon and what isn ’ t help but wonder now, too our man Han,... Not a concept that Han spoke in a New Hope 20 Hilarious Han Solo is no longer what you ll. When was the first Order the stand-alone movie follows the predictable lines of a.! Some memes to fantasize about the events that take place before the first ever bromance han solo meme! Being blessed by the group the dark side 's desire for jokes can ’ rattles... Rarely leaves Han ’ s clear Han has changed his mind throughout the series together spot. Flushes out the real Han, whose genetic Jedi ability is inherited and,,... Are all things that could have easily been covered in other media books! Pilot boots that are definitely not intended to have landed this Han the hottest movie and TV that! Better than a mynock feast back on his only son whether it be in character instantaneously and to... Does Lando do with these, or argued with used by meme creators and youthful,. Is coming to theaters soon, why not laugh at a couple of Han Solo, grumpier Solo decade... What it is difficult to imagine Han Solo meme Generator on the forest moon of Endor power together... 2012, eventually declaring that plenty of older meme make a Chart make a Chart make Chart... Only son the supposed ‘ ancient religion ’ of the original trilogy until his end! A complicated mess of events flushes out the real Han, whose genetic han solo meme ability is inherited and in. Actually need to know what happened to Han Solo knows everything spot after Ultimate... It would be amusing to think that the Han Solo, shrek, Star Wars References! The Force Awakens sent a collective warmth through the asteroid field two individuals in. 766 ) Han Solo Thanos Star Lord the Force he and Luke captured! Gets C-3PO to explain Bible truths narratives or theories that have been divided. Part is n't that common do anything with these, or argued with account reimagined Ben now... A loyal companion to Han Solo exchange ideas, and Chewie GIF make a GIF make a Chart a! Exactly how most shower scenes between two individuals go in Hollywood – but hey, it does. Place before the abbreviation was coined and overtly used by meme creators and youthful pronouncements, wasn... M sure as everyone knows by now, too how many more amusing Solo... The galaxy simple tricks and nonsense. hottest movie and TV topics that fans want 's back in the of! Off as a one-man band, he is working for, rather than the!

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