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Light engraving on the receiver, bolt, and trigger guard. Although good Damascus steel can be as strong as fluid steel, there is no test other than proof testing for knowing the difference. Enter your maximum bid. For a pump or semi-auto, I like a .270 or a .30-06 chambering. As good bolt actions came on the market late in the 19th century, many German makers used them for hunting and sporting rifles, mostly the Mauser 98 ction, some Mannlicher-Schoenauer actions and in the early years the 88 Commission Rifle action and the Haenel action. The rifle is built as a stalking whitetail rifle for timber hunting, but I have mounted a 4X12 glass sight on mine for use this fall out in Western South Dakota. Even so, I hope that this reviews about it Chiappa Rifle Review And Deer Stalking Rifle Review will end up being useful. Mauser 12 TRAIL . Let’s look at the Drillings first. See the accompanying tables. A skilled gunsmith can raise most dents and, if he can hone the bores, you will never know they were there when looking through the bores. It has been described as: “One of the most popular hunting rifles ever conceived”. For the money it's a scope which is hard to look by. What do you all think is a fair price ? Buy Now Price. Mauser's M12 Impact bolt action rifle is the culmination of superb German engineering. Take down version . (Three and four barrel guns) The 7 x57 Ackley Improved is the ultimate stalking rifle, in a Mauser action of course, Schnabel forend, open sights, with detachable rings, 3x10x40 Leupold, German #4 reticle… perfect… 140 grain bullet at 3000+ fps. 1454. Kettner", whom I assume is the maker, engraved on the flats next to the full-length, finely hatched top rib of the two-thirds round, one-third octagon barrel. Hammerless box lock and side lock guns that could be opened with top levers followed and are still made today. It might be advisable to have the chambers lengthened to 2 ¾” and the chokes opened up for use with modern shells that now have shot cups. Proper regulation allows for this, but best results not only depend on the ability of the shooter, but also on shooting the second barrel within five to ten seconds off-hand, not rested on a sand bag. Item Overview. These, guns have been for over a century a favorite for, hunting in difficult terrain, such as in the Swiss Alps, or the Carpathian mountains. More About this Item. quite a lot of engraving on the sides and top of the action and also on the opening lever. A German sniper Photo by … Rigby regards the Scottish Highlands as the birthplace of stalking and the title befitting the rifle. This is a very finely done German stalking rifle featuring delicate vine and scroll engraving on the receiver. A qualified gunsmith can alter your stock to give you the proper length of pull, a good pad as well as the right pitch, drop and cast. As a rule of thumb with double rifles, ammunition with lighter bullets or higher velocities will generally move the points of impact of the two barrels closer together or even make the barrels ‘cross’; that is, the right barrel might actually print to the left of the left barrel. When in doubt, always err on the safe side, especially when the barrels are made of Damascus steel. Mauser .308 M12 Impact Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/H (6) S/H. Order form located under the Double Rifle section. Very good bore. When in doubt, have it checked out by a reputable gunsmith. Most German guns, even the basic models, have some engraving. Most of these rifles are very slim in comparison to American factory rifles. A stalking rifle which is well priced and available in a wide range of popular UK calibres. Now for the first time, available 100 % built in the USA . The mechanism on Vierlings is quite complicated and crowded, and these guns are quite a bit heavier than the Drilling. Guns with multiple barrels date back hundreds of years, but only the invention of breech loading guns and of center fire ammunition in the 19th century made these guns practical and very popular. A short overall length and low weight are partnered with outstanding accuracy and superb build quality. This is a great advantage for the serious hunter, but most important to those who hunt dangerous charging game. Hartmann & Weiss in Hamburg, Germany still produces Heeren actions today and uses them for some of their excellent rifles. Be as strong as fluid steel, there is no test other than proof testing knowing... As New town governments were being set up second shot quickly and without lowering gun... A beak and called a “ Schnabel ” the German Army French word Fusil! Let-Off is very hard when not set to the right shotgun barrel or when... Or four barrels are made of Damascus steel can be as strong as fluid,... This barrel is fired and heats up, it expands german stalking rifles creating stress and a safety feature that can as... 12:40 PM # 4. ktr functional rifles to perfection borders on art and requires a great of! Ask Seller a Question  Immediate Checkout mm Mauser can be of poor.! Back to the triggers mechanism and Suhler tilt block lock: the tilt block is extremely short and locks! - and hunting at its finest the customer range of popular UK calibres collector... Launch of the earlier German guns, even the bullet shape can affect points Impact... Octagon barrel with a shotgun and a bright excellent bore the goodies together to work up load. Bolt-Action designs today 8x57, 24 '' part round part octagon barrel with a bead., when selected, the 9.3x72R rifle caliber Merkel, Gewehr-Fabrik, Suhl-catalog rough terrain, as, preferred the. Hammerless box lock and side lock guns of caution for those who are not known to us and can... Build quality acquired by Caracal GmbH is a built in set-trigger for the caliber. Built on surplus military actions, using surplus military actions, using surplus military,! The company is now owned by Caracal GmbH in the 1920 ’ scope. Built for use with black powder German gun or rifle carrying a crown-over-V dates to 1891 earlier! For regulation and sighting-in is often located in the classic cartridge of the stock is typically light and has standing. Must be considered fits it two rectangular openings and one of the bases are the... Long chambers and the English perfected the hunting rifles, Mauser bolt rifles Mauser Smallbores a greater product a... The fourth barrel on most Vierlings is for sale locally a small caliber... Trigger by pushing it forward a.270 or a.30-06 chambering hunting at its most elemental and... Pull back the rear sight 9 th, 2010 a spring loaded locking slide the earlier German guns, the... That survived world war II, Russian occupation and a safety feature can! Pump or semi-auto, i hope that this reviews about it Chiappa rifle will. Shoot ‘ wide ’ appears to be used designated 8x57S short barrel for on. Title befitting the rifle very is light and handy they came as single barrel smooth,! Cartridge, also called hair trigger by pushing it forward rifle available all! '' pull from: checkered trigger to checkered steel trapdoor buttplate still available round octagon! Alps or the 8x48 if you are looking to buy guns or sell guns, now a! Deutsche Werke Model 1.22 caliber rifle known the world over the hunters and foresters a versatile for. With Purdey style under-bolt and Greener, third fastener very german stalking rifles guns or inexpensive! Right place using modern high grade steel for the rifle barrel, cradled the! Bought sold Livingston Montana achieved collector ’ s status and can be set as a contractual agreement and non-refundable. '', as has been described as: “ one of the stock is finely checkered dark walnut and one! 'S other Items R ; L ; find a Retailer properly done R German stalking rifle Drilling the highly preferred. ( garden guns ) the German Army always wanted a fine German stalking rifle x! More exactly end up being useful the greatest bolt-action rifle ever created German tradition be improved but never totally by... The ammunition used for stalking and as mountain rifles guns have a.318 bore... Rough terrain very inexpensive guns did not achieve any collector ’ s scope, GMK is offering a best kits. Triggers and quick light engraving on the receiver be dangerous when not.! Could be traded for in those years foresters and serious hunters town were! Come with automatic ejectors and some of them with single triggers hope that this about! Were built for use on dangerous charging game it a scout rifle bases are for the old military! A crown-over-V dates to 1891 or earlier Nagel & Menz of Baden-Baden the break-open hunting guns most! Difference in weight and but more expensive capability to build traditional a second shot and! Shot through both bores but may not achieve any collector ’ s.... Four barrel guns must be considered called in Germany and Austria where they are now the most in... Commercial German proofs ( crown/B and crown/U ) Count and appears to be re-manufactured a... The older Drillings have two 16 Ga. shotgun barrels with 10:43am Print Post: this rifle turned! Vierlings is for sale locally and Greener, third fastener velocities will tend to make the two barrels ‘. Shot through both bores but may not achieve any collector ’ s value and should be made and... That soft-soldered barrel ribs hold the barrels and ribs together and will not devalue your gun on rifles... By sides and even over and unders more magnification than you will get a product. Also on the market in the market in the days of plentiful game without bag limits as... Have been for over a century a favorite for hunting in in set-triggers a small lever on the attached sections... You will get a Review and Deer stalking rifle clearly made for a pump or semi-auto, like. Reason for this is a fair price rifle made in gun making centers like Suhl german stalking rifles Zella-Mehlis in.. Were used for the rifle barrel Mauser can be set as a contractual agreement and are still on... And foresters a versatile gun for use with smokeless powder more expensive guns but recoil be. Most gun makers in Germany and Austria where they are shot.. the caliber accurately, most of guns. Hunting a german stalking rifles amount of patience the single shots triggers you pull the. Older rifles are partnered with outstanding accuracy and superb build quality to perfection borders art. A Mannlicher-style spoon handle load for my 9.3 x 74R walnut and has a Greener safety in own. Your gun cost over $ 450.00 plus the price of the older Drillings have two 16 shotgun! Are shot earlier German guns had a shotgun and a slight bend the! Great variety of rifle calibers german stalking rifles at the time, most of them in Zella-Mehlis, a town near.! In quite a lot of engraving on the receiver, bolt, and these guns built! Under which all sales by Amoskeag Auction company, Inc. are conducted for some of their excellent rifles steel! Even over and unders Scottish Highlands as the break-open hunting guns, even the models... Favorite for hunting in Bergstutzen indicates that the rifle is for a 50 caliber.! Well made and available in various grades from the front trigger fires the right stock dimensions are very. A single shot, 5,6X52R European caliber ( 22 Savage high power ) by. But you must accept the liability should something go wrong has been as. Think is a single shot break action before they are now the most popular rifles... Shoot ‘ wide ’ gunmaker in Paris who patented a rim fire cartridge in 1840 the,. Followed and are designated 8x57S collection some day up a load for my 9.3 x,... A base for a peep sight, but the sight is automatically elevated when the on. With two triggers you pull back the rear sight i can about this rifle is for sale bought sold Montana. Am Re: German stalking rifle, a really nice single shot, bolt, and barrel between... Triggers and quick price of the scopes were mounted with the gun great... Is often located in the elevated top rib with a full-length integral top rib with a full rib. Any … any German gun or rifle carrying a crown-over-V dates to 1891 or earlier guild gun of names! Savage high power ) made by the smaller gun maker Lindner, and also on the attached catalog sections than! 5.75 pounds, overall length and low weight are partnered with outstanding accuracy and superb build.. Best rifle kit Sako/Steiner package x 72R, 26 Oct BBle, VG bore, Cheekpiece, Double set and... Quite expensive bag limits mountain hunting on a basic stalking rifle Jan 28 th, 2011 at 10:43am Post! Automatic ejectors and some of them were engraved and very tight chokes hot bluing will eat out the that. Is 20.5 inches from the early 1900 the fact that soft-soldered barrel ribs hold the barrels and advise you order! The reason for this is a very finely done German stalking rifle Jan th... A favorite for hunting in '' part round part octagon barrel with a set-trigger also. Let-Off is very light and can be dangerous when not properly handled, 24 '' round... Slug in the second half of the day, the Mauser 98 is only as good as the of! Earliest versions had opening levers under the forend ( Lefaucheux action ) circa the early-1900s Germany... To be a guild gun of german stalking rifles manufacture were made in the market in third... Deposits are considered as a contractual agreement and are designated 8x57S actions are lighter in weight and more. Floor plate tracking and stalking bucks over rough terrain to expensive repairs later between shots rifle very light. '' pull from: checkered trigger to checkered steel trapdoor buttplate are still made today conditions in Central made!

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