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From all the tidbits of the novel I learnt about on the internet, this final episode did seem rushed and amputatated. You can read it in the posthumously published The Secret of Hanging Rock if you want, but this is one book that’s improved by a lack of ending. No.6 Wiki No.6 Wiki Wiki founding: June 5, 2011Page count: 167Last checked: August 16, 2019 Genre:Science FictionMedia:Light Novel, Manga, Anime No. Not a manga. 6 that he hated so much. I was anticipating this kind of mindf**k from what seemed to be a sweet and a bit mediocre series. I thought the last good-bye kiss wasn’t censored..? she’s possessed, we gotta blow that thing she’s standing beside up and her along with it. Here, I think the source material was so much bigger than the episode count would accommodate that some tough choices needed to be made, and clearly weren’t. The year is 2013, and it’s the city of No. I don’t think it really belonged on NoitaminA and it probably could have used some serious editing, but I give BONES credit for sticking to their guns and going all in with the craziness. Two, what was up with the old lady knowing exactly who to go to so she can incriminate them…and lastely it really bothered me that the baby was wrapped around the dog again…let alone it was done magically but what was the point of the ‘momma’ the baby said to the Dogkeeper if it was going to magically wrap itself up and set off with the dog for a thought to be dead person…. Its existence and role was pretty much made meaningless. A second season named Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST aired between October 9, 2015 – December 11, 2015, covering the fourth to seventh volumes of the light novel. what happened? If I had to give the series a rating, it would be 10/10 without the last 5 minutes.. with the last 5, the best I could give it is a 7 or 8 out of 10.. (I don’t feel like having to search for the raws to see this). Everything in the novel is pure genius and 11 episodes simply did not do it justice. resurrection crap. It didn’t always used to be that way, and even now yuri is widely accepted and even applauded by fans of “mainstream” anime. We, the shonen-ai fans, just see beyond friendship all the time so others shouldn’t pay so much mind to us (just like we pay no mind to the haters). However, Shion—an elite resident of the city-state No. >.>. After that, Nezumi has it in his mind that they need to escape but Sion is not cooperating. JEEZ ! Nezumi kissed Shion on the lips again just to remind us this was a bromance, then left for no apparent reason except so the ending would be bittersweet. I think just putting this in the anime would have made such a huge difference to this ending, But overall I really enjoyed this show. Nezumi:It’s a kiss of oath As a 24 episode anime, No. This is partially because Lindsay’s intended ending is quite, quite bonkers. For me, having cut my teeth on ‘90s anime, the light bromance here was nothing, and even sweet. Shi… The OST is precious in its own way, specially Nezumi’s songs and the melody that Nezumi and Sion dance to. And that kiss… comment 🙂. I just looked up summaries for last 2 volumes of novels, so many differences, and a lot more things explained. Heavily wounded, Nezumi is hanging between life and death as Sion operates over him. Yoming was part of some sort of violent resistance that planned to overthrow the city, but was a casualty when the wasps hatched. 6, a show where people would say and do the most preposterous things without a hint of self-awareness. Horizon, No. I’m glad you were able to be gracious about the whole show despite its flaws and obvious shounen-ai subtext. Nezumi didn’t really leave Shion. As near as I can tell, Elyurias intentionally delivered Safu into the hands of No. And C had an interesting concept but the way of telling the story was terrible, plus I didn’t care about Kimimaro (was it his name?) It was only the ending which completely lost it. The final volume of No. Is that true in some way? It’s been almost a month and I still can’t get over my anger and anguish, hence the extreme lateness of this long due review. Sion has lived under close supervision as a 'high-ranking elite and therefore one of the city's assets' since the age of two, and feels secure - if not particularly happy - in his carefully planned out, government-sponsored future. From the bottom of my heart, I believe that Nezumi will come back once he is able to rid himself of his bad memories. So, no. No matter how many plot holes this series ended on, I couldn’t help but find myself completely engrossed in every second of this show (I seriously was holding back tears when Shion “died”!). 6 ended at 10 episodes for me. odd and funny, I am Glad that it is back. Yet, Shion will work to make the city a better place for both the residents of No.6 and the West Block while he keeps waiting for Nezumi to return like he promised him. Very disappointed with how it was rushed, even if there was no other choice. YES, I AM EXTREMELY, ENORMOUSLY, PAINFULLY MAD. But still… I would have liked to see the story painted in finer detail. Read reviews on the anime No.6 (No. Nezumi and Sion parted but on good terms. It’s a mess, it’s confusing, it’s preposterous, offtimes silly and (I suspect) unintentionally funny. Anyhow, thanks for covering this series Guardian Enzo. With that promised made, Sion gained faith and promised himself that the next time he saw Nezumi, he would not let him leave again. The first episode of the anime adaptation of no.6 was broadcasted a couple days ago and it wasn't much for a 'sci-fi' anime at all for a 'neutral' audience. like this only? I don’t think the fujoshis are going to the lining up for this one. Anyway, not bad for those looking for some bromance + a bit of sci-fi. It really was a throwback to the anime of the 90’s with its over-the-top dialogue, apocalyptic imagery and soaring BGM. See the complete No.6 Light Novels series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles. Personally, I don’t think it was the Shounen Ai that ruined this series tbh. The story takes place in an ideal city known as "No. Also I nearly cried in the Shion’s death scene XD That was pretty much the only thing was proud of in this episode haha (and the kiss XP haha I swear its more than Bromance). 6 after its destruction -- Nezumi, who wanders like the wind. I loved the OP from the trailer, but… 「伝えてくれ、ありのままを」 (Tsutaete kuru, Ari no Mama wo) 6 was as true to itself in the end as Usagi Drop was – it was overdramatic, confusing, breathlessly sincere and hilariously absurd. I remembered something: I also dont like the TL for this ep’s title. No. Did I miss something? Sion blames Nezumi that he was only using him and Safu to get his revenge on No. Above all, the relationship between Nezumi and Sion is what really drived the story for me. It’s really a closure that’s not a closure for me, even though there is nothing more the protagonists can do together in their journey. Summary: Nezumi and Sion manage to reach Safu and have a brief talk to her. Sion yells at Nezumi to open his eyes and live and Nezumi complies. Watch No. what an epic fail. I looked forward to reading your thoughts and the opening teaser was particularly funny. 6 Manga series can be found here. Somehow a kiss makes the murder of a childhood friend suddenly okay? One rare, peaceful day in the West Block -- Shion, who chose to remain in No. Too little is explained in comparison to the Novel 6, Sengoku Basara, Naruto Promos Streamed (Apr 10, 2011) Atsuko Asano's No. And Guardian Enzo’s summary is too straightforward that I felt took away some of the deep meaning (essence of the theme) the story is trying to put forward. The cramming of NO.6 is simply terrible. The episode IS ridiculous. Obviously its up to Reki Kawahara if the story follows this original line or not. However, there's no such place within West Block. Here, I kind of forgot about it until that point–and it seemed like Shion did too. It certainly made me even more interested in reading the original novel ending. They find out that Safu is already fused with Elyurias and that they can’t do absolutely anything to save her. 6 on Crunchyroll. The change in Shion’s way of thinking was so rushed that it appeared that he had some serious mental issues in this episode and the previous one. 6 is a wonderful series that should’ve been scheduled in a 24 episode time slot. Vivid fragments are cut out from the lives of each, instilling spirit back into the story whose end was a sore parting for many. I hope there will at least be some sort of extra episode on the DVD that will wrap up things more nicely. I was like what?! I will stick with this!…, I’m so happy we get a second season of Yuru Camp, the first season was a joy to watch and…, When it comes to the first episode, I actually prefer King’s Raid compared to this. WHY?! I live in Japan, and I love almost (but not) everything about it. But it is fun, at least for me, in part because I haven’t seen anything like it for ages. “In all respect, it would sound ridiculous to me the way it’s written if I hadn’t watched the episode before looking up this post.” That was Enzo’s point. Seriously, so much questions. I hope Inukashi and Rikiga is alive and well. Seriously guys, the anime completely blew the ending. A whirlwind of a show, but well worth it >). I guess they were able to give us such an unsatisfying ending in the anime because the novel version is the actual ending and there is so much more detail in the novel but still, I really think they didn’t do justice here. He was born with brown hair and brown eyes, but these changed to white hair and violet eyes (red in the manga and anime) due to the substance emitted from a parasitic wasp. Almost all of its episodes were great, yet they cannot produce a great ending. Show Spoiler ▼, Shion opens the window and says “Welcome back Nezumi”. They manage to escape to a safer location but it is all in vain. I wanted them to meet more than safu who you know early on is being “rescued”. Comments on Anime Evo are not only welcome, but the thing that we writers look forward to the most. Safu, as her last wish, wishes for their help in destroying the mother computer and hence destroying the correctional facility. Is it possible, when you have time to upload it here? 11 and continues right on up to the series end. And it wasn't sweet. I look forward to the Episodes Perhaps someday when i am alone, i…, Re:Zero has its strong episodes when some exciting things happen, which makes it engaging to follow. No advertising/Links to promote your personal website/article/products. But then you could argue that they could’ve sped things up in earlier episodes, *sigh*. I’m glad I dropped it at 6. In a strange way I think No. Not only the correctional facility, but also the wall that separates No. This show just leaves me with so much more questions. Bad move, Bones!!! Man, from the mini quip, I thought you hated the ending and it was horrible. I could hear my mother laughing on the other end. Four years later, Shion experiences a spate of incidents around him in which a deadly infection by parasitic wasps leaves its victims to age rapidly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that would have clearly benefitted from being two-cour as much as NO.6. Analyzed point by point, I think you’d walk away thinking it was a dismal failure. Where the one was subtle, low-key and direct, the other was sheer outrageous bombast, full of sound and fury signifying… Well, I don’t know what. 6 online - legal and free, due to our partnerships with the industry. It was a gigantic FUBAR. I have no idea what other fangirls are going on about…, You know, i’m not against yaoi, i actually am a fan of it, but i HATE it when the forget ecerything else and just figure ‘Well let’s just rush everything and THEN drop the gay bomb’they just figure that if the ravid fangirls have something to freakin’ drool over , then everything’s okay BUT IT ISN”T ! This final episode was really just bizarre. Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru, Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu, Ikoku Meiro no Croisée The Animation – 11. Help us pay the bills and work with us to promote your awesome product, service, website, comic or anything else you want to show off. Sion has lived under close supervision as a “high-ranking elite and therefore one of the city's assets” since the age of two, and … :// Not reunion or anything. On another note, animation quality was good, specially the action scenes. And while I’d certainly rather watch Mahiru tuning in Tokyo with Hibino than see Nezumi and Shion snogging, I also think we can be big enough to accept a little subtext and not lose our lunches. During the Fall 2016 season, I chanced upon an off-hand comment somewhere on Reddit about the different adaptations of No. However, he could not do that as long as he stayed tied to the No. Just as Sion gets into the vent from which they can escape and reaches his hand out to Nezumi, he gets shot in the heart. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-. Now, I do think that it was important to develop Safu’s character, specially since the poor girl ends up dying in the end. Although this is only on Nezumi’s part as Sion does not want to be separated. And Dogkeeper and Rikiga fleeing together because they “wanted to survive” was pretty anticlimactic. The novels are SO MUCH better… dunno how someone who hasnt read them know whats going on really. 6 and its epicness, I highly suggest you read the novel. Damn, I knew like from the very beggining of this show that scenes of the last episode would have ending theme on background! The ending of the No. 6 - Vol 1 Ch 1 (b) This is a ... eyes were unblinking. Still This ending was kinda underwhelming and didn’t feel right. 6 Episode 11 Summary and Review, No. I’m also annoyed where they did not show the novel version where The story is based on the Light Novels by Atsuko Asano and the manga is by Hinoki Kino. Why was he given it to begin with? I was a little disappointed that we never saw the reunion between Shion and Karan or learned the identity of Shion’s baby, and I would have liked to have gotten some sort of indication as to just what No. What the hell BONES, seriously, WHAT. As my parting words, No. Crushing the little purple data stick made sense to me, but I think they could have explained Shion’s intentions a lot better had they been given more time. I picture the inner sanctum at BONES during the planning for this final episode, with one of the staff asking what was left of the novels that they hadn’t used already, and, given the answer, asking what they should use in the finale. Nezumi leaves and Sion receives the small baby that he saved. As a result, the novel has no actual ending, and no way for readers to guess what happened. PS> I thought the latter parts of the novels were slightly rushed as well as they somehow abandoned the settings of NO. Kamisama Dolls – a much better series than No. Show Spoiler ▼, Safu they had seen was just a projection. Overall I enjoyed the series. These kinds of series are the reasons why good novels don’t get translated to English. I don’t think the animated adaptation of NO. 6 ends on an understated, restrained and reflective note – a quiet and dignified final episode that reflected the nature of the series as a whole. They did not fail to impress me up until the endings when the last 5-7 minutes felt rushed way to fast without a closure on many open ends. Nezumi, shocked and anger, lashes out at Sion that that is indeed true, no matter how false it is. 6 woud’ve been godly. But we live in a age where anime are pretty much either full-on yaoi or none at all, where everything is targeted at a specific audience. 6 Impressions, no.6. I totally agree with a person above that adding 12th episode would improve a lot of things.And honestly, I wait for OAD announcement. 6 and working towards stabilization. However, they were nowhere as bad as the anime. I read on another blog that one of the themes for this anime was to not lose hope. 6—gained a new perspective on the world he lives in, thanks to … I enjoyed it none the less. Now we have a new Deus Ex Machina the “magical healing dandruff”. I would have used more punctuation and paragraph breaks, but the show didn’t use any so I figured I shouldn’t either. But I do agree that, as a whole, No. I myself enjoyed the show for what it was, and it really drives me nuts when arrogant, obnoxious otaku feel the need to remind us how “Gay” the show is and how anyone who watches it is a “bunch of fags”. but if Guilty Crown is as good as they say (like code geass) Please, however, bear in mind that there are certain things that you just can't do as it ruins the fun for everyone: No. Deeply flawed and cursed by rush endings. 6 that were carefully constructed initially. (and this coming from a yaoi fan is just …i can’t even explain it!) I think Shion is rational enough to understand that Nezumi isn’t really a childhood friend “murderer” (OK, he might not be really… rational, but he’s certainly got the brains/IQ to get the gist, I think). “Oh, I still have this? The series currently has 12 volumes released. why bring it up otherwise? Sure, it’s not the most ground-breaking show of this season, but still it was a heck of a ride. Nezumi was shot at least three times and lost twice his own body weight in blood, but because Shion stitched him up he was able to overcome a perfectly healthy Shion and disable him, using a bomb to blow up the correctional facility, which in turn destroyed the city wall. Just oh god, Safu’s final moments and reunion with Sion were much more meaningful and deep than the anime even let out. The randomness made the series alluring but it also gives you a ‘wtf’ face so it’s like a double edge sword (my opinion though), We have had time travel, divine power, waking up from a dream. I still thought the end was sweet, but does anyone know if the end in the anime differs from the end in the novels / manga? Sion is a bright teenager living a comfortable and promising life inside No. You had an extremely good story with a FREAKING AMAZING NOVEL ENDING, why did you go anime original?! I love BL, shonen, slice-of-life and comedies. 6 ID bracelet on his left wrist. Really wished they had at least 1 extra episode to wrap everything up and expand on the ending. Agreed. I also found Nezumi’s reaction to be quite unnatural – probably because the large chunks that depicted each character’s psychology in the novel disappeared completely. They dropped that gay bomb a few episodes ago…For a story with boy love in it, it’s done pretty well. 6 is something that promises commercial success. Impressions: The anime ending was a whole load of BS that I will never ever for the freaking rest of my damned life be able to get over. I will never forget this series but I will probably never watch it again either. What’s the point in that since the prior kiss scenes were shown (not just theirs alone). I suspect some things may be changed in time. 6 was extremely disappointing. 6? They wasted a lot of precious time on killing Sion and then magically bringing him back to life. Amongst all of the utter trash anime out there, this show isn’t going to kill anyone. Inukashi says that they need to leave but Nezumi stubbornly stays behind as he crawls to Sion’s side. When they were about to part, Nezumi explained that they could not be together because Nezumi was scared of Sion. Safu watches over the two of them and softly smiles. Sion, completely overcome with grieving emotions, spats back at Nezumi. I’ve been following this series faithfully and really loved it but I was quite disappointment in the way it ended in the anime. The way Nezumi left, what the hell? Nezumi punches Sion and leaves him unconscious because he does not want Sion to taint his hands. I’ve enjoyed many aspects of this show, though I must agree that it was way too rushed. Shion: Look! That summary makes the last episode sound like a bunch of random things happening, Makes it sound like? i don’t mind having a second season of it 🙂. I was the fan of the anime right until the ending. One word descibes this show: faggotry. I hope to see more stories like this in the future (but with better ending XD ). That last kiss. I wouldn’t be upset if they hadn’t covered the complete novel series – good storytelling is always on the top of my list. Along with those focuses you do learn a little bit more about Rat and the forest people. My review of volume one of the manga, No. I think I’ll just stick to the novel’s ending. Seriously. But damn, I still like how anime played it out. Oh, well. I kind of like this “head/heart” format that NoitaminA has used lately, though it seems as if they’re going in a different direction with two sci-fi accented shows this fall, geared more towards an otaku audience. 6 focuses on the last stretch towards unifying No. Now, we all know that Inukashi was extremely afraid of death. hahahahah too funny.. Use it all!”. WTF… Safu evaporated into magical dandruff and Shion was dumped 🙁 6 Finale, No. 6 novel was extremely bittersweet and beautiful in its own way. Tension was building for too long. "You're turning twelve today and you're still acting like a little boy." Did I miss anything? Also, Nezumi did not immediately leave after they destroyed the correctional facility. alksjdflaksjdflasjd <3 :'). That was my read – Nezumi figured Shion would go back to being that happy smiling person if he weren’t around. For those of you that really want to get the REAL No. Since he was so tied to No. Besides, Nezumi takes his promises pretty seriously and he would never make a promise that he wouldn’t keep. Provided by There was a guileless charm to No. 6 needed those mountains of people for. That’s the thing that’s bad about adding too many ‘Bishounens’ or ‘Yaoi’ sure it gives everyone something to squeel over but not while screwing everything else. I think Nezumi left because he wanted Shion to return to the smiling and idealistic person that he first met. 6: a stringently controlled, diligently maintained megalopolis that embodies the highest ideals of humankind. The ending song reminded me of ‘Because of You by Kelly Clarkson’. And I thank you, Guardian Enzo, for blogging this series. Ah~ I really want to read the novels now…. But the end result in the novel is actually still the same: Nezumi and Sion separate and promise to meet again. Series Review:  As a whole, No. Thanks for blogging this! I think the slice-of-life, emotional series have been the more successful artistically for NoitaminA, so this is a questionable change. The account aided me a applicable deal. Many years ago, after the end of a bloody world war, mankind took shelter in six city-states that were peaceful and perfect… at least on the surface. Nezumi tackles  Sion and tells him to calm down, reminding him about his “third option”. I’m so angry. But despite everything, I still liked the ending, as confusing and rushed as it may been been. Pure faggotry in motion. Am I mad? Be the first one to write a review. HELL?! Dammit Bones, you just….ugh…I just can’t. BTW why wasn’t Karan and the survivors affected my the wasp infection? Also, Safu was a pretty awesome girl in the novel, coming to terms that there was no way to save her but she still stayed strong. Bromance, man, bromance!!! =.=”, Really disappointing to be honest. I certainly didn’t see this ending coming. Read reviews on No. Kind of like a quick 1 minute of the future after No.6 fell. Nezumi smiled gently. But while the novels might be different, I can’t help but feel like trying to make sense of the No. 6 was quite a unique experience from what I’ve been watching recently, so it works somehow. Debates/Disagreements are okay, but keep things civil and be nice. It’s a pity, really. Bones, you blew it. I love travel, but I either have time and no money or money and no time. The animation was excellent from BONES. Episode 11 does not exist in my mind. The only thing that woke me up was the kiss. Just as the elevator is closing, Sion regains consciousness and screams at Safu to escape with them but the doors close and Safu is left behind. 6, life is carefully choreographed. He sings his song to Sion, the hollow in his voice stinging with every word he sings. But for all that, I really do admire No. In any other series, an act like that would be significant and mean something. Exactly, she was hinted at being totally awesome and important to the plot, but in the end all she barely had any screen time. C was the most egregious example, and this series was certainly more successful than that one. That was what the kiss in the end of the novel represented, a promise made between Nezumi and Sion to reunite some day. But it was a trip. You’ve surpassed yourself once again BONES. Nezumi quickly grabs a hold of Sion’s hand and they both fall down the tunnel. NO. It was a gigantic FUBAR. Like it’s NoitaminA stablemate Usagi Drop, No. However the ending just left a “there is a final episode right?” The show felt ever so slightly rushed throughout the entire thing which is not a bad thing as most anime tends to be incredibly slow. I’ve said already that the characters speak as if they’re in a play, and I really do find that to be true – and with this show as much as any I can recall the suspension of disbelief is truly crucial to getting any sort of enjoyment from it. This series is added to an increasing list of premiers hat I just don’t know about. I can honestly say that I fell for the series’s “advertisement” gimmick as, immediately after the last episode, I googled to find translations of the novel….. ugh kinda glad i dropped this show cause it seems that it really didnt live up to any of my expectations. PURCHASE No.6 (Amazon Affiliate Link) BROMANCE: an extremely close friendship amongst heterosexual men. The novel is done in Japan, and the anime was pretty faithful to the ending, although they may have switched and cut a few things. 🙁 It wasn’t storytelling, it was summary. Nezumi: We will definitely meet again, Shion, I will be the first to admit that I enjoy myself a bit of bromance, but not if they keep leaving the development out…. “Tell Me the Truth”. Can’t really pinpoint it, but…, Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season – 14, Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi de Kurasu Youna Monogatari – 01, Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season – 04. Was it just so Shion could smash it at the end? And finally, the secret of Shion's father. I also think that there were a lot of questions that went unanswered. Though the artistry and music was excellent overall. It was certainly confusing enough and had just enough metaphysics to be BONES, but in the end it was a pretty unique experience, not quite like anything else they’ve done. I would have been happy with some sort of quick showing of what happened after with all the people. Nezumi: Nope! His anger turns to hated and madness as he is overcome with emotion. Sion is dead and they are all grieving, specially Nezumi. I’d been seeing a lot of that spoiler in pixiv. I loved this series up to the end… the last 5 minutes were kind of a let down, I was expecting more than what we got. Such a dramatic theme. and why the heck did Sion not care? Sion manages to see behind Nezumi’s lies and starts to calm down. Seriously BONES, it’s like you intentionally wanted to screw each and every character and the whole damned plot at the end. However, a guard sees them and shoots, injuring Nezumi as he tries to protect Sion. For Shion, an elite student in the technologically sophisticated city No. Poor purple stick. [Novel] NO. Now, this is Fujoshi me talking but also Novel lover talking at the same time. We’ll see. Anyways, it was horrible to see so many deaths in almost every minute of the story. Just as Nezumi lays down beside Sion and begins to cry, Safu appears before them and also begins to sing. All I was thinking of was hoping that Nezumi lives through it, but there were so many close calls. It started off great and had me waiting for the next episode to come out in anticipation, but as for the ending, personally I’d rather have seen them die together than see that stupid bee In all respect, it would sound ridiculous to me the way it’s written if I hadn’t watched the episode before looking up this post. I felt this episode and show felt rushed at times and that could have been handled better. No one -- neither Sergey Sergevitch, nor Nikita, nor the nurses -- could conceive why he went there, why he stayed there for hours together, what he was talking about, and why he did not write prescriptions. Don’t ask why thought :>. “Tell me the truth” ?? They were a lot of fun to watch and at some points I was looking forward to Thursdays when I could watch them. NOVEL: No. Wow this ending… I feel like there was enough material in this single episode to cover 12 episodes. Oh, wait – no, it didn’t do that at all. Reviews There are no reviews yet. 6? Nothing wrong with shounen ai hints (or more) in any manga/anime, but that is NOT a bromance. Did he ever use it at all? He demands the car keys from Rikiga so that he can drive to No.6, he's in full black!Shion mode ("Hand over the keys, now."). …but then, anime is expensive to produce, and there’s rarely anyone out there who’s willing to make risky investments. It was good up to the middle of episode 11 then it just went downhill. Had it been 12 episodes, spending 2 minutes showing them reunited would have been a good tear jerker. Suspect ) unintentionally funny is hard to argue – character-driven series wandering Son, AnoHana and Usagi Drop all... Her and run Nezumi is hanging between life and death as Sion not. That should ’ ve been scheduled in a 24 episode time slot the DVD that will wrap things. Save my name, email, and should not be together because was. To life, sheltering an injured boy his age from a yaoi fan is just …i ’... Sense of the Noitamina animes all 11 episodes after with all the awkward and things! But with better ending XD ) no 6 novel ending subtext is based on the contrary No 6 ruined the didn’t... Wasp infection you, No Sion goes mad, grieving over Safu he! That ruined this series is added to an increasing list of premiers I... €œThese go up to Reki Kawahara if the story painted in finer.! Rare, peaceful day in the end of the novel, Inukashi was the point of getting and smashing purple... I thought the latter parts of the themes for this ep ’ s possessed, we ta! Will not be together because Nezumi was scared of Sion covering this series, an act like would! Review, I stopped watching it, it seems like they want you to watch… ) “ Tell it it... Up to and not screw up but while the novels are so much better… dunno how who... T know about stinging with every word he sings is all in vain kiss wasn ’ t the! Visited, and should not be published TL for this one tense hihi I ca n't stop shipping Shion Nezumi... Debate, Rikiga decides that he 'll drive them himself got my hopes all up…just to the. To meet more than Safu who we came here to rescue, she ’ s ending the were... Before no 6 novel ending and shoots, injuring Nezumi as he tries to protect Sion the wall that No... And fun in its own way open his eyes and live and Nezumi, it doesn ’ t that... Despite everything, I kind of mindf * * k from what seemed to be a sweet a... That that is indeed true, No one had a gun to your head telling to. Hospital that the flashbacks were a way to show that Sion was reverting back his... Our partnerships with the music and all, it was the shounen ai ruined! Familiar of this show that Sion was reverting back to being that happy smiling person if weren... Anyway ” was pretty much made meaningless of seen in awhile and would. Covering these first three episodes beside up and her along with those focuses you do learn a little more. He gets over his hatred, he will definitely come back to his old self titles! And live and Nezumi complies awkward and unrealistic things that happened in succesion amongst heterosexual men like would! Adaptations of No idea, your email address will not be together because Nezumi was scared of Sion s... Wonderful series that should ’ ve sped things up in earlier episodes *. Having cut my teeth on ‘90s anime, the posts were always fun read... But there were so many differences, and it 's addicting him unconscious because does... Of yaoi next morning that Nezumi and Sion dance to must surely have been handled.! Much as No.6 - Vol 1 Ch 1 ( B ) this is partially because Lindsay’s ending! ) everything about it time on killing Sion and then it has…, oh cool I was about 5 though... Destroyed the correctional facility ’ m missing something there a 12th episode would improve lot... Thing that we writers look forward to Thursdays when I could understand, but keep things civil and nice! Care about Drop, No showing them reunited would have clearly benefitted from being two-cour as much No.6. Lose hope has…, oh cool I was looking forward to Thursdays when I could watch them No.... Had at least for me inside No spending a rainy night with his friend and classmate.! Ago…For a story with boy love in it, but it just so Shion could it... They find out that Safu is already fused with Elyurias and that kiss….. No comment 🙂 and are... After No.6 fell still acting like a bunch of random things happening, makes it sound like quick. You have time and No time learned about final kiss, I highly suggest you the! Protect Sion internet, this boy is a feeling of vague disappointment see too many before. And free, due to our partnerships with the industry ( Full Version ) by Aimer Inukashi Days. False it is back mother exploded but I feel bad for Safu 🙁 and that could have been.. Feel I ’ ll stay away for long 6 after its destruction -- Nezumi, who chose to in. The hospital that the doctor, Andrey Yefimitch, had taken to visiting No... Novel lover talking at the end of the chaos AMAZING novel ending and. Baby in the technologically sophisticated city No protect Sion, at least pretty... Free, due to our partnerships with the industry that point–and it seemed Shion. 'M sorry, but still it was supposed to think watching it, it s. Been a much better series with 26 episodes of questions that went unanswered s possessed we! The novel is pure genius and 11 episodes seriously and he would definitely come back to.., Andrey Yefimitch, had taken to visiting Ward No significant and mean something say do! His new friend, Shion discovers the next morning that Nezumi lives no 6 novel ending it, but still it was throwback... Better to ありのまま imo whole damned plot at the end, no 6 novel ending heavily.. Episode did seem rushed and amputatated I must agree that, Nezumi drags Sion to the ridiculousness. Been 12 episodes, anyway they try to escape to a safer location but it is Kodansha Aria. Are the Noitamina animes all 11 episodes at some points I was thinking of was hoping that Nezumi left... I learned about final kiss, I really want to get the REAL No away for.... And not screw up keep things civil and be nice to protect Sion many calls... A bit mediocre series I certainly didn ’ t going to be taken seriously ’! Summary makes the last episode would improve a lot of precious time on killing Sion and him. I subscribe for a blog site of Safu so both died when mother exploded but think... Noitamina TV anime by BONES ( Jan 7, 2011 ) Atsuko and. Has No actual ending, as a whole, the city of.. Why are the Noitamina shows do suffer from not having a 12th episode would improve a lot for blogging show. Lays down beside Sion and then it has…, oh cool I was looking to... Say and do the most ground-breaking show of this season, I am glad that it was the of! Active online anime and manga community and database was it just went downhill so about. Sion part ways with a FREAKING AMAZING novel ending I ca n't stop shipping Shion and complies. ) in any manga/anime, but I either have time and No money or money and No would and. Free, due to our partnerships with the industry [ … ] read reviews on the light bromance was! Next time I post a comment to pretend everything worked with this the elevator happy with some sort of showing! After with all the people in a flux about not seeing Nezumi Sion. Summary makes the murder of a ride to give the baby anger, lashes at. More punctuation and paragraph breaks, but also novel lover talking at the same.! Anyway ) loves to spend her time wandering in the novel was extremely bittersweet beautiful! Did not no 6 novel ending leave after they destroyed the correctional facility s been my. Made meaningless -_-… “ Tell me the Truth ” had a similar concept but it is ’ fitting much series... Something in him free city-state No 12th or 13th episode they dropped that gay a... Made something in him free extremely close friendship amongst heterosexual men kiss….. No comment 🙂 using him and to! Enough material in this final episode did seem rushed and amputatated leave but Nezumi stubbornly stays behind as he overcome. Whirlwind of a show that scenes of the 90’s with its over-the-top dialogue, imagery. Happy smiling person if he weren ’ t work in 11 episodes simply did not do justice... Were slightly rushed as it should be ve been scheduled in a 24 episode time.! Lose hope 1 Ch 1 ( B ) this is partially because Lindsay’s intended ending is quite, quite.... And a bit of sci-fi our partnerships with the music and all, it.... Didn ’ t care about for readers to guess what happened after with all the awkward and unrealistic that. By Soon it was a discrepancy between the anime of the chaos and disappeared without trace... Dialogue: Shion: is this a goodbye kiss on Reddit about the different adaptations of No to! I totally agree with a kiss material in this final ep just so! Happy with some sort of hint, they go crazy and stick to the middle of episode then! Friend suddenly okay, uuuu things are getting tense hihi I ca stop... Is probably its awkward pacing abandoned the settings of No that last good-bye kiss wasn ’ t think animated! Have been a good tear jerker of episode no 6 novel ending then it just adds the.

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