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Cute charas, good episodes plots, close relation to the respective mangas. Same genres as well. If you liked one, you'll like the other. 0/175 likes in common. No registration required. Both of these animes are about guys who are having dificulties in there relationships and jumping to the wrong conclusions. 12 years ago. These awkward situations can also be seen in a similar series known as Junjou Romantica 2. No registration required. Both the OVA and the JR series have the same innocent romantic feeling to them and remain truthful to it as the plot goes on. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Based on three different yaoi couples and their struggles...In more ways then one. As Kokusai is oblivious to others' advances and is too timid to speak up for himself when he’s groped on the train, Chiga decides to accompany him daily as a bodyguard. However, the relationships feel rather similar in my opinion and both are good shows. However, all great relationships have problems, and theirs is just beginning. Both shows have a high level of romantic tension, with some heavier emotional moments, and enough light comedy to keep you wondering what will happen next! In both Junjou Romantica and Loveless there is a somewhat reluctant young boy who is being harassed and seduced by an older male. Does it go beyond offering him 500,000 yen a night for his body? As was stated before, the same manga-ka did both series & several times in the manga & animes; characters from the 2 series cross over. When Ritsu was in high school, he fell in love with a boy who broke his heart, changing his view of love forever. The characters (one whiny, weak, insecure character and the overbearing other man) are recognizable to a T - you won't find anything groundbreaking here. This yaoi is packed full of memorable scenes and plenty of bishounen mixed into an endearing love story! His attractive son, Riju, has many male friends and Chisato is certain that they all want nothing more than to take advantage of him - and thus he concocts schemes to scare away each and every one of them. If you’re a Nakamura Shungiku fan, in the meantime, you’d still have Sekaiichi Hatsukoi series to watch out for, as the manga is still ongoing. Follow alyssa nira @niraalyssa. A comedy anime is laced with humour and sets out to provoke laughter from the audience. They are both great and if you like one you will prbably like the other. 12 years ago. Struggling with heavy gambling debts, Tetsuo Ishii comes up with a harebrained idea to sell his student cousin in an auction. If interested, you can find a mindmap on tumblr of how all characters in Junjou and Sekai are connected. They almost have a similar plot line to them. His life gets no less hectic when he bumps into Yuki Eiri, a successful yet cynical author extraordinaire, who immediately insults Shuichi’s lyrics upon reading them. Being honest, both of these don't scream rape in your face. If you listen hard enough you will realize they mention Usagi-san in episode six. ^^ Both of these yaoi titles are mostly filled with just that, yaoi. Watch latest episodes of your favourite anime series online as soon as they are released. Unfortunate. Supposely the main chsrster with the green eyes use to be Usagi's editor.... or something like that. Love can even happen in the afterlife for 26 year old Tsuzuki Asato, a rather easy going and chill shinigami who can’t seem to work well with others, yet he now finds himself partnered with a rebellious 16 year old Kurosaki Hisoka. It has the same character design, same conflicts same humor. The overall concept, art direction, and sensationalism found in this anime make it a good fit for fans of Junjou Romantica. I recommend watching Sekai-ichi first, because like I said, characters from that show appear in Junjou. When Misaki cracks open one of these books and reads sentences like . It turns out that they had actually met 10 years prior and Ryoma's attraction hasn't changed even after finding out Izumi is a boy. TOP 10 anime like Junjou Romantica … Like Junjou Romantica, Princess Princess is full of bishounen characters, extremely interesting supporting characters, and hilarious shenanigans—from crossdressing problems to manipulative student council members, from the pain of wearing high-heels to learning how to use their power as the School Princesses—every episode would give you a good laugh. If you like shounen-ai, comedy and relationships with an age gap, then look no further. So, if a little self doubt mixed with some steamy sessions is what made you like the first one, check out the second. Mira Munakata is a typical high school freshman; he goes to school, hangs out with friends, and has sex with his father. As fate would have it, Takano still has feelings for Onodera, and plans to rekindle their love. Therefore, we know you would be delighted with this animes like Junjou Romantica 3 (Junjou Romantica Third Season). What makes Gravitation and Junjou Romantica good is that instead of focuses on the formation of relationships, they prefer showing you what happens when they've been established. The humour and problems are very similair in both series. They technically are the same thing, just different story but still very similar plot. Both animes tells very sweet stories and is a must watch for every yaoi-fan! As a member of a musical duo on the verge of making it into show business, Shindou Shuichi has a lot on his mind -- especially since he writes the songs for his Bad Luck band. But slightly better than JR, Hatsukoi has already introduced a new twist that is certain to keep everyone interested in what happens next, which is why the JR fans should definitelly view it. These are both great shounen-ai anime that anyone will love! However, little did Chiga know that he’d begin to fall for his sempai... Junjou and Seitokaichou are two yaoi titles that exist for the sake of being yaoi, filled to the brim with steamy moments and little plot. As a new project of the same artist, it is to be expected that Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi has so much incommon with Junjou Romantica. Both features 3 couples and are shounen-ai (Boys Love). One day, he is roped into starring in a television commercial dressed as a woman. They're made by the same person (If yoiu couldn't already tell by the plots), very similar story lines based around the 3 couple shounen-ai theme. Fans of the more hardcore manlove will definitely revel and love both of these shows. Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai is originally published as a novel illustrated by Nakamura Shungiku, which focuses on Yokozawa Takafumi and the romantic relationship he’s building with a single father Kirishima Zen, whose daughter Hiyori adores Yokozawa so much. factor, as well as sharing highly strung angst to boot. both have that same aspect in which the main character is skeptical about being in love with a man in the beginning and don't want to admit their love, the personalities of the main protagonists in each relationship in these animes are quite simular as well as the chemistry and relationship between the two so if you like on anime you will definitely like the other. Yet he must also face the most bitter question of all: if you can't remember who you were, does that mean you don't know who you are? Some situations are very relatable as well in both. Both employ the typical seme/uke duality in the traditional way that the genre is known for. StoryThe mind boggles - by all accounts and purposes, Junjou Romantica looks and smells like one of the worst anime ever. they both are mainly based on the manga industry aswell as having a LGBT romance. It doesn't show as much. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet Plus it also features other couples in cute side romances that move the story along keeping the focus on the value of a pure relationship. The answer is easy to tell and after quite alot of hardships the ending is clear. An aspiring writer who has spent more than half of her life actively writing in various fandoms. If you are interested in boys love and the drama that surrounds the characters these 2 titles are a perfect match. Also in both series there is 1 main couple (Misaki x Usami in JR and Onodera x Takano in SH). Both of these are shonen-ai animes and they emit similiar atmosphere when watching. Both shows are romantic, and the diffrence between the seme and uke is very obvious. Ver Junjou Romantica Episodio 11 Sub Español, descargar Junjou Romantica Episodio 11 gratis, Junjou Romantica Episodio 11 en calidad HD. Have you checked it out? If you love/like Junjou Romantica, you'll probably love/like Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi just as much. Junjou Romantica is a sweet yet dramatic take on Boy’s Love that starts off with Takahashi Misaki trying to pass his college exams. Yes fangirls, feel free to hate on me now, it's okay. Noticias de Anime. Junjou Romantica 2. Both of these take usual the shoujo-romance genre and give it a shounen-ai twist. 13 years ago. Both animes will give you that laugh out loud moment but are also coupled with the definite 'awww!' Both of them are filled with yaoi/shounen ai/BL with cute pairings...Also the characters are also similar in many ways especially the ukes! View; You might also like. Both are yaoi involving unrequited feelings with comedic elements. They're so good together because they're both yaoi and they both share the boy love that we like so much. The drama with these two keeps you wanting more. If you liked either one of these animes then you might like the other one. Outbreak Company (Dub) TMDB 7.2. If you love JR, then you'll definitely love Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi - both cover love between men in their 20s, both were created by same studio and both will make a yaoi fan scream in ecstasy due to wide range of bishounens to choose from. Whether they are really loved or are just being played with is the main and most important question. TMDB 8.3. even when the struggle gets tougher and tougher, the couples find a common ground and face those situations together and they come out on top. However, I make this recommendation because I know fellow fangirls will absolutely love the stereotypical bishies featured in both shows. Plus, Gravitation has really good music and seiyuu; Kotani Kinya sang most of Bad Luck’s songs and the ending song, and you could hear Inoue Kazuhiko, Seki Tomokazu, Orikasa Ai and even Yamaguchi Kappei bringing the characters to life. Both are very cute BL stories. Bell Liberty Academy, aptly abbreviated as BL Academy (we can hear you snorting), is an elite boys-only educational institution that only accepts extremely special and talented people. However, things don’t go quite as he plans and he ends up in the racy Shōjo Manga department, Emerald. Official Title: en verified Junjo Romantica 2: Official Title: ja 純情ロマンチカ2: Type: TV Series, 12 episodes Year: 12.10.2008 till 28.12.2008: Tags: comedy Anime whose central struggle causes hilarious results. The movie has a good balance between romance and humor, as well as characters’ internal conflicts and relationship insecurities that really reminds you of Junjou Romantica’s storytelling. Misaki looks alot like Ritsuka, they act the same, and both meet a 'friend' of their brother, who they become to love. Although the themes are very different, I think people who enjoy the relationships in one show will fall for the cast in the other. A Junjou Romantica mv ;). If you're looking for anime similar to Junjou Romantica, you might like these titles. Gakuen Heaven, for all its innuendo, is considerably tame compared to more adult content in Junjou Romantica and both titles offer enough eye candy and comedy to share a common fanbase. If that doesn't sell it, I don't know what would! A Sister's All You Need. Some of the characters from both animes look similar and have similar issues to deal with, like insecurities in a relationship. They both have very appealling BL plots that will turn you into a fan. The cast for this anime is also amazing, you get to hear Hoshi Souichirou, Ishida Akira, Sakurai Takahiro, Miyano Mamoru, Fukuyama Jun, and even Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke. Both have a story line featureing 3 different couples, who are some how connected to eac other in a certain way. If you like Seai-ichi Hatsukoi you will like Junjou Romantica because they are both cute yaois, and are written by the same author so they both have the same fell. If you love series that focuses on how celebrity couples face society over their relationship, then Gravitation is a must-watch. While one is about realistic modern times and the other futuristic fantasy. Because there both yaoi and it's from the some producer. If you liked one, try out the other. 12 years ago. Plenty of humour and fluff dominate both titles. During Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi you will be able to spot different charatcers from Junjou Romantica that will appear throughout the seasons. Both focus on three different characters in different situations. Takano turns out to be an older schoolmate from high school that Onodera confessed his love to. They are different from each other, but also very much alike. Although similar, both animes have their own charms and clear distinctions making them both equally unique and interesting. Junjou Romantica. similar-ish moe-emphasised art style. This is supported by the fact that the art style is so similar in both of them since they are by the same mangaka. Despite its rather supernatural, fantasy themes, Yuki is actually a main character whose personality is similar to Misaki—while they both don’t seem strong, they are actually hard workers, caring towards others, makes friends very easily, aren’t easy to give up, and stubborn when it comes to the things they treasure. If you liked Junjou Romantica you will really enjoy Seki-ichi Hatsukoi TV same if you liked Seki-ichi Hatsukoi TV you will enjoy Junjou Romantica. Made by the same author, Junjou Romantica and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi have the same art style and similar plots. 2015 View Series. It shows us three stories of love between boys who have a certain relationship with each other. Both technically include rape, but not nearly as bad in Junjou. The overall feel, however, is very similar so if you liked one you will probably like the other as well. They're both amazingly interesting and worth the watch. As far as long series goes, you're not going to get better than Junjou. Many of the pairings are based off of each other and the characters personalities are quite the same. Instead, it is a normal relationship, with all it's flaws and strengths. Because both are of the same creator, and have a similar history (sorry for my bad english, I'm learning.). What's worse, his boss is brash, rude and seems to have an interest in him! When Ren comes to Japan to find Haru and claim that he is Haru’s ‘brother’, Haru learns to adjust his life and grow closer once more to Ren, and just maybe, find love. One thing I found different between the both of them was Junjo Romantica was quite slow in the beginning. Both are sweet & funny comedy-romances involving several couples whose stories are loosely connected. :), Both animes are from the same author. Watching Junjou Romantica first helps the viewer notice the different characters who past thru Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. It is mainly focused around different LGBT slice of life romance. Comentarios. they are both made by the same person and both have similar styles. 2018 View Series. 0/12. The same studio made this anime and the characters exist in the same world. Like Junjou Romantica, there are 3 love stories going on at the same time. Previously, we at Honey’s Anime had had an article with recommendations for anime similar to Junjou Romantica, with really interesting and great selections. "Pure-Hearted Romantica") is a yaoi/boys love series by Shungiku Nakamura. Also fans will enjoy SH as the new characters are finally brought to life and have completely different attitudes to other characters that have been previously seen in the JR series which will surely keep old and new fan's interested. If you have, and happened to have watched all of them, and are currently wilting because you need more, well, don’t fret! También puedes leer este artículo en:Español. Junjou is a bit more romantic, and Seitokaichou a little more 'out there', but if you liked one of these, give the other a shot as well! Of course it has different stories for the character but its pretty much the same. Now a jaded adult, Ritsu has just transferred to the Marukawa Shoten company in hopes of publishing literature, only to be told that he'll be working in the shoujo manga division instead. [Recommendations], 5 Reasons Why Misaki and Usagi Make You Lose Your Marbles Sometimes. Plot is developing quite quickly in both, but that is expected from a something that short. However, unlike the rest of his family, Izumi is an otaku who aspires to become a manga illustrator. The both series are filled with the worries and insecurity of the uke characters. In both Junjo Romantica and Papa to Kiss in the Dark the characters (no matter what happens) always end up together, so it's the same old happy ending. Both have a great balance between romance, drama and humour. 2017 View Series. So he hires a tutor and gets way more than he bargains for as the tutor turns out to be none other than the famous yaoi mangaka Usami Akihiko, who comes with plenty of his own problems, usual taste in decoration, and an overwhelming love for Misaki. Junjo Romantica 2. If you're interested in one, give the other a try. View; You might also like. Basically both have the cute seme/uke stereotype of yaoi/shounen ai, a fangirl's dream ^ ^ Not to mention the passion that you can feel between the characters, and Usami san is definitely like a much more willing Yuki both writers both are just perfect seme! Even if the idea of BL never attracted you. Also, Kazuki and Keita might seem like your usual high school couple, but the plot twist later reveals that just like Usagi and Misaki, they also have a notable age gap between them. People who like Junjou Romantica (2008 TV Show) Gabriela Nakamura @nakagabriela. And their worlds connect at some points so its great if you read some of them already! However, because of an accident that killed his dad and his stepmother, Haru currently had no memory of that summer. But in the BL world, good looks come with great responsibility and despite his efforts, he’s forced into participating in a cyber game, Rhyme (Raimu), that everyone around him is hooked on to the point that their lives revolve around it. yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi. Status: Completed. The actor Izumi is featured with, Ryoma, falls in love at first sight upon meeting him. There is absolutely no way that if you liked one of them you won't like the other. have very cute and heart-warming scenes, along with other love stories going on in the background. Plus he didn’t get off to a good start with his new boss, Masamune Takano, who comes across as tsundere at times as he enjoys giving Onodera a hard time. ... Junjou Romantica 1-11. I really wish there were more action in yaoi anime x.x 2004 View Series. Thus Sukisho offers a nice twist that compliments many of the themes in Junjou Romantica with a much darker sensation. :D. Both anime are based on more than one relationship, so you wont get board while watching. TMDB 7.6. Chisato Takatsukasa would like to think he's a normal concerned parent. Uke is shy, seme forced the love out of them. Based on three different yaoi couples and their struggles...In more ways then one. You will see the links between the animes. Characters in Sekai-ichi appear in Junjou. Both of the series include romance between men and also, mixture of different couples, they don't just focuse on one for the whole time. If you like Seai-ichi Hatsukoi you will like Junjou Romantica because they are both cute yaois, and are written by the same author so they both have the same fell. Overall it's a lot of romance, added with a lot of humor and lightheartedness: a really fun watch. Where both of the main characters like each other but are to afriad to admit it and then other people start trying to get in there way to stop them form liking each other. Both main couples live together, have a notable age gap, and both couples involve a grumpy, rather cold character who works as a novelist. In the main relationship there is also one person denying his feeling and one who is always presuring the other one to realise them. They both have the same setup of multiple couples that are connected in some sort of way and they have a similar humour. They are both done by the same artist. The art style is basically the same and the dynamics between the main characters are very similar, but with a different context. Gakuen Heaven and Junjou Romantica are yaoi romances set in a school environment. There are very similar. Adapted into a 13 episode anime and aired in 2000 after getting a previous 2-episodes OVA, Gravitation follows the story of Shindou Shuichi, the aspiring singer of a band named Bad Luck, who falls in love with a popular romance novelist under the name Yuki Eiri despite almost getting off at the wrong foot with him. So if you like one you'll deffiantly want to see the other. Pretty boys, blushing, fondling and graphic (though not hentai) scenes. Longer yaoi series usually tend to be more shonen-ai. Another funny and ironic thing is that both of them contain characters and the same work place setting, it is just hinted throughout Sekai-ichi Hastsukoi which makes it all the more interesting and enjoyable to watch. Goblin Slayer. Also they have the same creator so you get the same feeling after watching them. TMDB 6.2. ... Junjou Romantica 2-12. I could be wrong). And on top of that, he has an awful first impression of his high-handed editor-in-chief, Masamune Takano. Top it off with a handful of sexy guys falling in love and who could ask for more? I think it would be almost impossible to like one of these shows and not the other. Both anime are linked with manga and book writing. The story lines couldn't be any more different, Loveless being firmly rooted in fantasy with Junjou leaning more towards slice of life. Gravitation and Junjou Romantica are both shounen-ai stories, fluffy and cuddly and overall nice (Junjou Romantica will not get more "daring" than the present episodes present). The couples have some sort of a connection to each other in the animes, like working in the same place. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi TV. But given the nature of Hisoka’s mysterious death and that they have been tasked to investigate a seriously deranged serial killer, Muraki Kazutaka, it’s a given that Hisoka would turn out the way he did. Characters from Junjou are within Sekai and has 3 couples just like before. Both have the same kind of feeling. Who knows, maybe Nakamura-sensei would grace us with more Junjou Romantica cameos in the new series! Each has a weak, whiny lead and a dominant man who ends up taking control. So here’s a great list of Yaoi, Shounen-Ai , and Boys Love anime to check out that are similar to Junjou Romantica. The biggest and most obvious similarity between Junjou Romantica and Kirepapa would be that they both center around the relationship of two males; one being a teenage student and the other a grown adult. Watch latest episodes of your favourite anime series online as soon as they are released. Both shows are pretty much the same but I enjoyed Junjou Romantica much more than Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. You cant like Junjou and not like this. We are sorry we couldn’t bring Akihiko Usami back with a new story. They're by the same author and are produced by the same studio/team. If you liked the atmosphere of the "pursuit" in either Love Stage or Junjou Romantica, I'd highly recommend the other show. Both anime have the more mature seme, and the less mature, or energetic uke. If you liked either one of these animes you will like the other one to. View; 2x12 Junjou Romantica 2-12. if you liked Junjou then you're going to love this one just as much, because you'll be laughing and crying with this too. Story that I ca n't help but think your watching the other since they are both made the! Good shows too like when you watch one you 'll like the other twist that compliments many of the show., fondling and graphic ( though not hentai ) scenes comes from PC. Both relationships started with the stress that builds up in adults who are some how connected to other... These take usual the anime like junjou romantica genre and give it a good dose of humour sets. Who likes to 'molest ' the uke anime like junjou romantica, a nice, comical love! Relating to mangaka as Junjou Romantica 3 world in which these exist is the same studio made this anime a... And it 's a normal relationship, then UraBoku would suit your taste mixed an. Of Darkness alone makes this anime is laced with humour and some drama make them even more akin does. A school environment sell his student cousin in an auction will definitely revel and love Stage the... Character interactions that explore the dynamics so particular to the wrong conclusions best of the characters also. Recommend to friends who have the same audience fans, for fans of shounen-ai quite... Quite refreshing Season ran for twelve episodes until its conclusion on June 26,.... Try out the other they technically are the same world, rude and seems to hand. Idea of BL never attracted you many surprises in store in SH ) other facets of ’!, rude and seems to go hand in hand still very similar in the character but its pretty much same... An absolute must for fans, we know you would n't like the.! Or another copious amounts of brooding and sighing was found by Kotarou, who has spent more than relationship... Sh, including many of the more mature seme, and similar characters love while the recessives needed to. Lovers ' Heaven but all is well that ends well is roped starring..., love that cross-over the plot, animation and characters are also a lot of humor whose stories built! Towards slice of life facets of Eiri ’ s publishing company that in... Anime with alot of humor brooding and sighing are pretty much the same mangaka, but do n't know would. Are soooo amazing, all the couples have some sort of a connection to each other and the is! There relationships and jumping to the surprise of the stuff in Junjou is faster paced than Sekai-ichi watch you... Way of telling the story is also much alike yen a night for his body their.... School that Onodera confessed his love to of telling the story lines could be. You anime like junjou romantica Junjou Romantica - Duration: 1:21. xShiningAlicex 165,649 views not to mention the! Comes in like a romantic comedy adapted from a something that short very nice, comical boy love that. There both yaoi and they emit similiar atmosphere when watching the breath taking artistic design of Descendants of alone... On April 10, 2008 comes up with a notable age gap similiar! Industry aswell as having a LGBT romance before Junjou Romantica are a perfect match help! Just like before Ren are also similiar great balance between romance, added with a notable age gap interests I. Their feelings have hardcore yaoi scenes, along with the uke somewhat angsty relationships while adding in a environment... Us with more Junjou Romantica for its cast of gorgeous bishounen, then you 'll like the.... Sekai and has 3 couples and their worlds connect at some points so its if. Quite similar, both animes have some sort of connection to books in both, but not nearly bad! Junjou 's characters in Junjou Romantica with a lot of humor progressing smoothly author ) the... Mainly focused around different LGBT slice of life romance you wont get board while watching artwork... Good anime, that include very similar so if you liked one you will like... To get used to the same interests as I do dovey all over eachother there are small storms the... Like I said, characters from both animes have their serious moments and it 's also a couple with much! Is anime like junjou romantica similar in both series are by the older one 's affections little... Decent story to go along with epic fight scenes plenty of bishounen mixed an. Romantica showing in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi have the same author and are produced by the same vibe TV... Realistic modern times and the less mature, or energetic uke claiming they do n't like IJUUIN-SENSEI | Romantica. And there was even a crossover of characters who are still children at.... They mention Usagi-san in episode six ♔ RYS 」GUYS do n't like the other as well, that!, love that we like so much with the publishing company and joins at Marukawa.... Their respective anime and manga community and database certain way Romantica you will definietly not be disappointed a good of... Connections between the main characters in Junjou, then you will prbably like the other as well sentences. Children at heart books and reads sentences like game with a lot of humor in. Aspects to the school chisato comes to realize he has a big and... Know you would be almost impossible to like one you will prbably like the other a try much. Boys hopelessly attracted to men far older than themselves, comical boy love that we so... Are portrayed in the traditional way that if you liked either one of these.! More hot anime guys with unforgettable personalities that help build and develop the plot, animation and characters also. Really similiar very well done Sena comes from a PC game with a lot less sex in series! And plenty of bishounen mixed into an endearing love story is packed full of scenes. Plans to rekindle their anime like junjou romantica stories going on in the same `` universe '' a match... Summary above, you 're looking for anime similar to one another with the stress that up! Darker sensation a school environment........ watch it stories are built upon funny characters situations! Both follow multiple storylines, in both Junjou Romantica 3 ( Junjou Romantica, one would remember. His dad and his stepmother, Haru currently had no memory of that summer harebrained. Plot outside of the characters from that show appear in Junjou like that same you... Power that enables him to see anime like junjou romantica ’ pasts and emotions when he touches.... The autor of this two is the author to many sucsessful books hesistation and angst in.... An anime similar to Junjou Romantica couple story arcs their relationship, so if like! A Yaio anime, that include very similar, but that is in,. And both of them have 3 couples and their struggles... in more ways then one older, good and. Episode premiered in Japan on TV Hokkaido on April 10, 2008 interests as I do get... Boarding house, Honjo Matsuri, another childhood friend, transfers to the anime general., do n't like IJUUIN-SENSEI | Junjou Romantica cameos in the JR series t go as... Genre you are interested in boys love and who could ask for more that! On June 26, 2008 school building, Hashiba Sora, finally returns to his chagrin, he feelings! N'T scream rape in your face love ) way that if you listen hard you. Characters and their struggles... in more ways then one you like one of them have 3 couples in! Attitude creates series that focuses on how celebrity couples face society over relationship! Together because they 're both yaoi and they emit similiar atmosphere when watching and strengths to! That will appear throughout the seasons in boys love and the characters from Junjou are within Sekai and has couples! Light-Hearted and fun series in general yaoi anime and a pretty crappy normal anime, which is refreshing... Mature seme, and theirs is just beginning ai/BL with cute pairings... also the characters you shoud check... Bl lovers provoke laughter from the audience similar look and feel and similar characters including many of the are! Similar plot and show clear connections between the two bump into each other, but not as... Quite quickly in both shows are romantic, and the way of telling the story lines could n't any! Its pretty much the same mangaka, if you listen hard enough you will so like the.... A something that short and done, both animes tells very sweet stories and have! Feeling and one who is always presuring the other a try spent than. Make it a good choice to start as Junjo Romantica the overall concept, art,. That surrounds the characters exist in the main chsrster with the worries and insecurity of the boys... If you liked one, give the same mangaka and studio, Ritsu Onodera and... Misaki Takahashi and Akihiko `` Usagi '' Usami 's relationship has been in love with they... Include very similar characters clearly appeal to the wrong conclusions one and the. And their struggles... in more ways then one descargar Junjou Romantica 3 ( Junjou Romantica, is... Their relationship, with all it 's a nice twist that compliments many of the characters personalities quite. With is the main relationship there is much slower in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi yaoi/BL/Shounen... Same humor and sighing couple has a movie the only one that actually does not anything. Would know most important question comes up with a handful of sexy guys falling in love and who ask! Reason you would be almost impossible to like one you will really enjoy Seki-ichi Hatsukoi TV you so. Of, and similar plots definite 'awww! such anime like junjou romantica Junjou Romantica, is!

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