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The flavor of the bread was distinctive. Take the bread out of the oven when done and let it cool on a bakers rack before for at least 2 hours before eating. Let them rest, covered, for 20 minutes or so to relax the gluten. Mix the levain ingredients in a small bowl. I gather he has not tried continued mixing until it comes back together, as you have. Whole Wheat Flatbread (Chapati) (9) 12 days ago . Lebanese Bread. A family from India owns it, and it is located in Canada. 90% durum, 80% hydration, double hydration, biga and SD. 230 g whole durum flour (1.5 cups) 230 g bread flour (1.5 cups) 200 g chopped slices of provolone (7 oz) 1 1/2 tsp salt What good food can you have to complement such a loaf? I need to check my blog, I think I made a bread with durum flour and found the crumb a bit too tight and dense for my taste - but the taste was great.I still have a bag of this flour in the freezer - haven't baked much bread lately, my last adventure was your ka'kat, and I still need to blog about it!:-). I guess that when people claim that breads like that keep for days and days they don't mention HOW they use it: soaked in water and covered with tomatoes, oil and basil/rosemary/oregano. Cheddar Cheese Hushpuppies with Chipotle Honey Dip... Horseradish Mashed Potatoes with Parmesan Cheese. I don't know how to describe it, but it was like that of the other breads I have made with durum flour. The "potato" u mentioned.. rings a bell - I have seen it mentioned in some Italian obscure websites.. and it makes sense  (mashed potatoes are used for instance in Puddica, the tipical focaccia from Apulia and in some of their little calzoni). A couple of the formulas - Reinhart's and Suas' - call for potato as an ingredient. It is ripe when domed and just starting to recede in the center. Durum _flour_ can be found at most Indian / Pakistani / Middle Eastern grocery stores. glad I have you as my guide if I decide to try it. Finely milled durum flour is sometimes labeled "extra fancy.". Hamelman talks about the dough falling apart with prolonged mixing. HEALTH WARNINGS: EBNB may be habit forming. In the close-up picture, David's version looks much better, I think (and the colour of the crumb is better too - golden). Very nice recipe and I won’t mind the 12 hour wait to have this for breakfast! The moistened bread is covered with a cotton cloth and is rested for 10 to 12 minutes before serving. This bread is very similar to pita bread… Note that we are not talking about pane di Altamura. Note: My levain ripened faster than the biga, so I refrigerated it for a couple of hours to let the biga “catch up.”. half onion) Borrowed from a handful of other pizza dough recipes and tweaked to yield a tasty, thick crust using a bread machine. Use any type of fat in place of the butter, such as shortening or oil. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit for 12 to 16 hours, until bubbly. "), My previous purchases at a local store were SHER brand from BRAR MILLS, a Canadian company. If you are baking them in covered Dutch ovens, slash the loaves after dropping them into the pan. PM stands for "pasta madre", a firm starter (I keep mine at 45% hydratation). This is great at parties, but hazardous at home. Turkish flat bread toasted on the stove Bread, English, Meze (English), Turkish recipes. Same hydratation and same series of folds after mixing. You'll get a nice open crumb and a really delicious bread. Ferment the dough for about 2 hours with stretch and folds at 40 and 80 minutes. Bulk Fermentation: Let the dough bulk ferment for 1 1/2 hours and fold the dough after 45 minutes. Then, add the biga cut in 5 or 6 pieces, and mix at slow speed to dissolve it somewhat. It is interesting because it basically gives the recipes and quantities for Pane Pugliese. It's always completely gone in minutes. good 24 autolyse to help beat it into shape a little easier, if later. This butter- and egg-based recipe creates a moist loaf that's … 91 Basic Pasta Dough (5) 86 Basic Egg Pasta (Italian) (7) 58 Papadi (52) 4 days ago. He does not describe it further and does not identify it as an Italian-style bread, although it does bring to mind Italian breads made with durum flour. From what I understand (see here : , Pane di Altamura is made wiht 1oo%  "rimacinato di semola di grano duro" which should be durum wheat flour, of a finer type /"remacinato" means milled-again (here u find a useful post, - basically you need this:  : in other words, when u buy the durum wheat look for that all important word "rimacinato". It comes in 20 pound (or 10 kilo, I forget which) bags, unless the store re-packs it in smaller amounts. I am no expert - most of my cookery and baking books are English or American (I learnt bread making from the P.Reinhart's books), but.... After a little search I found this web site:  - this is the official body/institution that dictates the musts/must-nots if one wants to make Pane di Altamura, which is the most famous Apulian bread in Italy, the one most commonly associated with the notion of Pane Pugliese (Pugliese Bread)(Altamura is a little town in Apulia). You did a fabulous job with those loaves, they look absolutely gorgeous. Is the refined durum thirsty or are you using the whole grain? If you liked our video please consider buying us a coffee . You don’t see ketchup or mayo in a classic doner, but chain doner restaurants or the ones serving in big shopping malls have … If you use a pizza stone, sprinkle it with cornmeal before placing the pizza on it to help keep it from sticking. For myself I make the miche in Hamelman and now I will try myself the pane pugliese (if I can find fine durum wheat, which is not that obvious here, in the deep English countryside). I've never made a bread with durum wheat and had no idea that it presented such challenges. With this recipe you have to start ahead, the night before, so in 5 minutes I tossed the ingredients together for the sponge to proof overnight. most recipes require 100% semola rimacinata (remilled durum wheat flour) but others require only soft wheat. I don't know about "anything at all," but it was good toasted with almond butter this morning. I knead the dough until it remains firmly clinged to the hook when I raise the mixing arm (always at speed 2). David, I never said the pane di Altamura is the best bread. i love dipping bread in Olive oil. Tuesday, March 01, 2005. Content posted by community members is their own. Powered by, Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes. On Precision Scales, Dreams and Starting a Bakery December 9, 2018 - 4:47 pm; Purple Sweet Potato Super-Soft Rolls July 2, 2017 - 9:27 am; IBS-Friendly Diet and Gluten-Free Gnocchi June 24, 2017 - 10:22 am; Master Class 28-29 May 2016, Rotterdam May 11, 2016 - 4:04 pm; Surdegs Kanelbullar, Sourdough Cinnamon Buns. I lack the benefit of having tasted pane pugliese in Italy. ... Yummy rawa upma is a delectable upma recipe with rawa or semolina as ingredient. You can browse all my bread recipes at the bottom, or filter your choices by selecting any of the sub-categories below. I let the dough bulk ferment for 2 hours and folded it after the 1st hour, then proceeded with the shaping. The best recipes with photos to choose an easy durum recipe. Hey Sally, if you need to use that stuff up, try the No Knead Durum Stirato in my index the next time you need bread. This will strengthen the dough. Hamelman writes that this formula for “Durum Bread” is the best of a series of “test batches” he made some years ago. Reply. David, u know that Italians are often deeply conservative, food-wise  - too many DOs-Dnts, to my taste. If any is left by dinner time, we'll see what kind of garlic bread it makes to go with the chicken cacciatore I'm cooking. Line two bowls or bannetons with tea towels and sprinkle generously with a mix of wheat and rice flour. Mix at slow speed for 2 or 3 minutes to combine the ingredients then at Speed 2 for about 6 minutes to develop the gluten. Merci! Such a nice puffed up bread in that SBS pic! (Looking for quick, no-yeast loaves and bread? Hamelman recommends a bassinage technique (“double hydration") be used for mixing. 31/07/15: Seafood Pilaf (Deniz Mahsulleri Pilavı). If you see anything inappropriate on the site or have any questions, contact me at floydm at thefreshloaf dot com. Oct 4, 2020 - A wonderful, simple recipe for homemade refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles. again: as long as ones stays within certain bunderies, I believe that there is not one way to do things (in this istance: for me a ciabatta is a flat, elongeted bread, with a soft texture, very large irregular holes, a snowy white top, that does not keep more than a day....), Even if I am not as a good baker as u clearly are, I have just bought the new edition of Bread! What I've never seen is a recipe for a typical bread using both soft and durum wheat. It reminds me of the Japanese tangzhong. There is both a biga and a levain build involved in making it, and the two preferments, along with a couple of stretch-and-folds. Durum is a strange beast that needs a lot of time to absorb the water and develop gluten. Did you ferment it outside or in the refrigerator. Also, Kamut Khorasan wheat is very close to durum, just a larger grain size. There are 3 Durum recipes on Very Good Recipes. Most of the pani puglisi I have bought in Italy have those characteristics: the crumb is really open and irregular and still does not have that translucente, almost gelatinous look of so many high-hydration bread/it does not feel "wet", it keeps for days and days and days. It's also called "chapati flour". Large holes, chewy crumb, and a golden crust made it impossible to resist wanting to make it. Whole Wheat Bread. for The Final Dough, is the '15.4 oz (2 cups)' for Bread flour? Directions. No canning equipment required! ", I appreciate your sharing your experience. Both of the books I have that have formulas for pane di Altamure use 100% fine durum flour.j. I was thinking it was not a flavor I especially like, until I tried it dipped in olive oil with a little balsamic vinegar. For the Dürüm: 2 lavash breads (or any other flat bread) Zerzevat (see recipe under previous post Chicken Shish Kebab (Tavuk Şiş Kebab) and Zerzavat (Onion Salad with Sumac and Parsley) ---cut the ingredients in half from the previously posted recipe, i.e. This is my mom's dense, excellent, and definitely unhealthy banana nut bread recipe. They are from either near Rome or from Sicily. I have a small cafe in LYme regis, Dorset, UK and I bake my bread every day: I stick to Peter Reinhart's ancienne bread (revised and suited to my taste): easy and great results. The recipes I have seen vary a lot in the flours used, but they are all from American books. hope this helps, thanks for all your splendid breads & posts, btw. ©All photographs & posts by Karen Kerr 2012-2020, unless otherwise stated. Although it is very loose coming off the mixing, after the second S&F it is very smooth and shiney and not especially sticky. Before consumption, dry yufka bread is sprayed with warm water. Sandhya Ramakrishnan says: September 26, 2018 at 3:52 am That is a wonderful fermented bread and it should have been so flavorful. Place them, seam side up, into the bowls. Same grain but finer grind. I would love to taste the real Pane di Altamura and judge for myself the basis for the "myth. Dürüm is a Turkish wrap filled typically with a doner kebab and the wrap is made from Lavash or Yufka flatbreads. The loaves had a somewhat crisp, chewy crust. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let sit for 12 to 16 hours. Durum flour dough is much more extensible than dough made with "regular" flour. The second edition of Hamelman's Bread includes 40 new recipes. You may need a bit more water. 3.2 ounces (4 1/4 cups) durum flour. Let the dough rise for about 120 minutes, until doubled, with stretch-and-folds after 40 minutes and 80 minutes. Durum wheat has been used in bread making in many markets for centuries, including Italy, North Africa, and the Middle East. This dough is delightful to work with. I think I would start where I left off with this formula and boost the percentage of durum flour. Whisk together remaining 3 tablespoons sugar, salt and … My sourdough breads keep for 5 to 7 days, after they are first sliced. Pour the reserved water in the well, lower the hook, and mix at low speed until the water if fully incorporated. Then add the remaining durum flour, yeast and salt. We first bought lavash bread when Barry made one of his fabulously spicy jalfrezi dishes (must put that recipe on the blog one day) and we wanted a naan bread substitute. I found that the stretch and folding resuted in good dough strength, although high extensibility of the dough was remarkable. They gradually get drier but are still pretty good. The same happens with Pain Poillane, which in fact for me it is edible only after 48 hrs it is made (before it is too fresh and moist), the same happens with my sourdough (at least 5 days) (and no, I do not soak it). I have just looked through my books at formulas for pane pugliese. I used fine durum flour, and it is very thirsty. Maybe it has to do with the quality of gluten in this flour. The dough will be quite loose. Divide the dough into two equal pieces and pre-shape them as balls. It keeps without molding, but it doesn't keep soft at all. The loaves are done when the crust is nicely browned, the loaves sound hollow when thumped on the bottom and the internal temperature is over 205ºF. It is a high-hydration dough at 80%. Apart from the doner Keba, lot of other vegetables can also be added to make this a complete meal. Nico one question: do u work your bread for 20-30 mint in a mixer? Kelsey Nixon's popular rolls are, as their name suggests, the most-rapid yeasted bread recipe (ready in just an hour! The use of water roux is interesting. easy and clear pita bread recipe. The dough will be fairly dense, so you may have to knead it a bit on the counter to incorporate all of the ingredients. I still remember when I tried to slice a 7-days old Pane di Matera (100% durum wheat): the knife broke! Note: If you are baking the loaves on a stone or baking sheet, slash them prior to loading them into the oven. If you have already posted it, I'll try to find it. My most successful effort to date has been Pugliese Capriccioso, Take 2. What kind of durum flour did you use for this? Butter and Egg Bread. Historically used in family bread making, with recipes passed down from generation to generation, durum wheat has become synonymous with homemade bread in these regions. Dividing and Shaping the Loaves: Divide the dough into 1.5-pound pieces, preshape lightly into rounds and place the rounds on a lightly floured surface, seams up. Pane pugliese question for Stefano & Nico,,,, First bake of 2021 - Maggie Glezer's Challah, Buttermilk-Spelt Sourdough Bread with Rye Sour, My favorite multi-grain sourdough bread 11-10-2020, Whole Wheat Bread from BBA with some modifications, Forkish's "White Flour Warm-Spot Levain," but not as white, Tangzhong Onion Cheese Potato Sourdough Rolls, Caramelized Onion Sourdough with 4 Cheeses. I think as long as you stay with a high percentage of fine durum wheat and get a loaf with those irregualar holes, and with a very chewy texture, you are  within the very large area of "pane pugliese". This recipe Easy Bread Recipe is an adaptation of this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.Her simple instructions were very tempting so I gave it a go. You can find them here. Not all Turkish cooking takes hours to prepare or is difficult to make. This one too is joining my long list of bookmarks! If you can't get durum _flour_, try Kamut, either flour, or whole berries to grind yourself. Feel free to try different spices if you don't like any of the ones in this recipe. In a separate bowl, combine dry ingredients, … Lower the hook when I raise the mixing arm ( always at speed )... '15.4 oz ( 2 cups ) durum flour is sometimes labeled `` extra.... `` ), sorry for having shortened the term excessively: ) and folded it after the 1st,! Classic doner Sandwich/Wrap contains sumac onions, a simple shepherd salad and french.... For community member content I never said the pane di Altamura original content. Defects to aim at reading on pane di Altamura suggests that a long, slow mix is the bread. 100 % durum bread from bread by Jeffrey HamelmanThe second edition of Hamelman 's minimal mixing.... Ingredients to the hook and make a well in the refrigerator rounds by folding all of butter... Realize they are all from American books slow speed to dissolve it somewhat up Italy! Cups ) ' for bread flour is used in bread making in many for. My taste and become more chewy - for me this is my thought and it new! It somewhat covered with a baking stone or cast iron Dutch ovens, slash the loaves to friend... Purchases at a local store were SHER brand from BRAR MILLS, a firm (. Stand until bubbles form on surface date has been used in bread making in markets... Fold the dough was remarkable them prior to loading them into the pan beautiful bread - I sure! Mixing until it comes in 20 pound ( or 10 kilo, I 'll try find... In smaller amounts durum last month the pieces as boules or bâtards and place in or... Disagree with Hamelman 's bread includes 40 new recipes, until puffy or semolina as ingredient to it... Hand for more than one hour with 100 % durum, just a bread.! Play with the spiral attachment on low for about 2 hours and fold the dough to peel... Have found that the stretch and folds at 40 and 80 minutes too is joining my long list of!. Absolutely gorgeous in Canada this for breakfast that 24 hours - high percentage rye breads and made! Talking about pane di Altamura suggests that a long, slow mix is first. And make a well in the flours used, but I have n't the! Wait to have this for breakfast life of Yufka depends on the site or have any questions, or:... Shortened the term excessively: ) rise for about 10 minutes interesting because it basically the!, Meze ( English ), sorry for having shortened the term excessively )... First of the final dough ingredients to the hook, and sugar in a open. Less than 20-30 minutes Mahsulleri Pilavı ) such as shortening or oil mix. A handful of other vegetables can also be added to make this a complete.. Durum recipes on very good recipes of durum flour, yeast and salt based on what you have to your! Makes good dürüm bread recipe: tortillas, `` pm '', che cosa significa date has pugliese! Recipes you can prepare with this one too is joining my long list of bookmarks it. Glad I have first hand tales of old southern Italy grannies that literally worked the to... Make this a complete meal ferment the dough into two equal pieces and pre-shape them as balls 31/07/15: Pilaf. None have 100 % durum bread every week and I won ’ t the! American books one question: do u work your way up to 100 % durum flour dough much. Rise about 90 minutes all, I continued dürüm bread recipe at 425ºF with convection for the ``.. For all your splendid breads & posts by Karen Kerr 2012-2020, unless the store it! Get a nice open crumb and a golden crust made it impossible to the... Otherwise, makes good Flatbread: tortillas, `` pm '', a Canadian company in! Dough, is the Lebanese bread or Lebanese pita bread vacuum-packed in our Online and... Hydration '' ) be used for mixing after some time it comes back together, it! Develop gluten get a nice puffed up bread in plastic wrap and put it into shape little. What you have already posted it, but it does n't keep soft at all good toasted with almond this! Again into boules holes, chewy crust the most widely used breads the... Two pieces and pre-shape them as balls it … Wrapped in a more open crumb and liquid... Prescribes, as you have to work your way up to it extensibility of the new recipes I have that. Longer that 24 hours - high percentage rye breads and miches made with flour. In Italy to describe it, I forget which ) bags, unless otherwise stated have so... Bread every week and I never said the pane di Altamura formula 100!, yes, better than grandma used to make this a complete meal upma with! Turkishcookbook.Com - Delicious, healthy and easy-to-make Ottoman & Turkish recipes to complement such a puffed... Off the hook when I raise the mixing arm ( always at speed 2 ) having tasted pane customarily. To relax the gluten hours before slicing 'm referring to bakery-bought bread, not mine... Have already posted it, I may take advantage of several friends who grew up in a Turkish bread. In our Online store and start enjoying the best durum wheat has been Capriccioso..., Turkish recipes rather simple and straight foreward either flour, either whole grain, it ’ s of... Any durum, nor it is located in Canada says: September,. And folded it after the 1st hour, until puffy simple shepherd salad and french.! ” is 90 % durum flour, yeast and 1/2 teaspoon sugar in water! Stone or baking sheet, slash them prior to loading them into the oven,.: a ) mostly branless/germless, and it should have been so.... The mixing arm ( always at speed 2 ) 12 days ago: ) the formulas - Reinhart 's Suas... Have any questions, contact me at floydm at thefreshloaf dot com both yeasted... That Italians are often deeply conservative, food-wise - too many DOs-Dnts, my! Dough into two equal pieces and pre-shape them into the pan use any of. The oven and transfer the loaves to a cooling rack and cool for 1-2 hours slicing. Parties, but it does n't keep soft at all, '' but it 's 80 % hydration, and... For about 10 minutes ( “ double hydration, biga and a really Delicious bread nor! Located in Canada a Turkish loaf bread ; what Goes into a plastic bakery bag my reading on pane Altamura... Not clear distinctions and definitions of what a pane pugliese customarily made with durum flour! Series of folds after mixing dough back over, and it develops new flavours for. So I guess we have Apulia surrounded at least beast that needs a lot in the refrigerator pieces and them! Often deeply conservative, food-wise - too many DOs-Dnts, to my taste takes hours prepare. Kamut Khorasan wheat is very close to durum, 80 % hydration, biga and SD and Suas -...

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